I need help with the joystick Saitek X52 and X52 PRO

  • 1) .- What is the technical difference between the X52 and the X52 PRO?
    2) .- Can both be configured correctly without the User Manual?
    3) .- Can both be configured correctly without the DVD included in the purchase (used)?
    4) .- Can the contents of the configuration DVD be downloaded from the Internet?

                Thanks for the help : Delfin

  • Hi, Of what I remember (I have the PRO)

    1)- you can change the tension on the thrust controller on the PRO

    2)- Very easy with AF2, it recognize all Saitek product

    3)- Drivers are useless since Logitec bough the company, detected by Windows

    4)- All here: https://www.logitechg.com/fr-c…simulator-controller.html

    Cheers, Ben

    BennyBoy. I5 8600K @ 4,3ghz, 16 ram, GTX 1060 6G @ UW @2560 X 1080. Sim: AF2 & P3D V4

  • Hi Ben

    Thank you very much for that magnificently summarized help; more, it would be impossible.

    In my language there is a popular wise phrase that says: "good if short, twice good", and your communication, has that characteristic.

    I'm waiting for the arrival of the joystick, and surely since you have it and you know it well, I'll probably ask you some difficulty that I'm sure I'll have for the configuration.


    Every time I see a thread or post with the name of "ftp2leta" I remember two videos sent by you to the forum. One flying over Innsbruck and another over Meigs; in both, besides formidable views, there was a music that was a real delight. It was especially beautiful the slow and nocturnal flight, between the tall buildings in Chicago, with a very slow flight and music that was a real delight. When are you going to delight us with another "work of art of wonderful image and sound"? I know that you have that very developed faculty; may Nature preserve it for you.

    Kind regards: Delfin

  • Tomorrow I will receive a Saitek X52 PRO joystick, and I would like some of you who have been around for some time (and as a result, you know it well), to give me some advice on buttons and small wheels to assign functions.

    Given the enormous possibilities of this device, it is complex to what 'organ captor' is preferable to assign according to what function, and the experience that you have, is very valuable to me.

    For example, right now I have a very specific question; To which wheel or button assign the rudder control ?. Other assignment tips will be very well received.

    Regards; Delfin

  • Delfin,

    Assigning the buttons and switches are mostly a matter of personal preference. I change my assignment from time to time depending on which airplane I am flying. Some assignments are aircraft specific and others are more general.

    You could spend today getting a good view of each of the units that has the button numbers and the axis assignments. The hat switch is always going to be the hat switch for looking around. The thumb button on the left of the flight stick is a good choice for Flaps Down. The 4 way switch above it at 11 o'clock is good for eye point adjustments, left and right, and up and down or zooming in and out. I change my choices here fairly often depending on how well I can see out the windscreen. The two lighted buttons at 2 o'clock is perfect for elevator trim up and down. The red protected button at 12 0'clock I use for thrust reversers. I use the trigger button to change to the outside following view. The bottom pinky finger button is used to bring the view back inside the cockpit. I seldom use the big 3 silver rocker switches at the base because you have to take your hand off the flight stick to use them.

    You can assign the twist of the stick as your rudders if you don't have pedals.

    On the throttle side, I use the slider for spoilers, the small white button for gear up and down and the smaller wheel at 3 0'clock for rudder trim for the R-22. The top larger horizontal wheel has a button in the center and is very handy for an axis assignment. There is a hidden 4 way switch on the back that you operate with your index finger so I use it for things that require seldom changes. I don't have it assigned today. There is a roll switch in the grip of the throttle than can be assigned as an axis, your index finger rests on this switch. You can operate this one without taking you hand off the throttle so it is a good choice for things that you adjust often.

    Keep notes of your assignments and change them any time you feel like it. It will take a while to find the correct mix.

    Good Luck.



  • Hi Ray

    Two more questions:

    1) .- Although I know that almost everyone assigns the twist of the stick as a rudder, I prefer to assign it to a 'captor' of the throttle rudder system, (I prefer to have that control in the other hand). What captor of the throttle do you recommend?

    2) .- The control of the tail rotor of the R 22, where do you recommend assigning it ?. I also prefer to do it with my left hand (also in the throttle).

    For that magnificent, extensive and profound description, many, many, many ... thanks

    You are admirable, Ray


  • I don't understand your number 1. so I can't comment. What do you use for the rudders?

    I use the small turn knob at 3 0'clock on the throttle unit to control the R-22 tail rotor as I stated. Works fine for me.