• Already in my possession the Saitek X52 Pro, I did not have any special effort for its normal configuration, according to the 'Controller Setup' page of FS 2.

    Of course, only this configuration for a joystick of enormous benefits and possibilities, would be underestimate, and this is unreasonable.

    I had not thought too much about this inconvenience that limits the possibilities of this joystick so much that, for example, it does not allow me, in a normal flight, to go from an exterior view of the aircraft, to an interior (in the cockpit) directly from the joystick controls, and I have to press the # 2 key on the keyboard. If I am wrong in this exhibition, please tell me.

    I have not received the DVD, which I suppose would have the content Saitek Smart Technology (SST)

    of the "X52 Pro Flight Control System" driver. The content of this driver, is what will allow me a really wide 'profile programming'. Is my deduction correct?

    Is the driver that I must download for the aforementioned programming tested? This driver offers five possibilities (which create confusion): All content, product, Downloads, knowledge base and community. What do those 5 possibilities mean? Which one should I download?

    Once again, ask for your help, and I thank you in advance.

    Regards: Delfin

  • You have to assign the view functions of your choice to the buttons on the X52 of your choice. You can read back through the many response the user community has made for your queries. I told you just yesterday that I use the trigger button for the exterior following view and the pinky finger button for returning to the cockpit for the pilot seat view.



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  • Hi Ray

    I understand Ray, that you are probably tired of answering my doubts. I understand it perfectly, it is very human and I am deeply grateful for the amount of effort and time you have devoted to me.

    And respect to: "You can read back through the many response the user community has made for your queries". Except for 'ftp2leta' (Ben), only you come responding systematically to my queries, and on assignments of functions to the control devices, only you, and very briefly Ben, you have responded.

    I asked in my last thread, for the driver that I will have to download (I want to do it), to be able to do a wide programming. Anyway, and in view of your last post, I deduce that many more assignments can be made than I thought.

    I will do the assignments described in "Aerofly FS 2 manual -> Controller setup", but no more, and here, is where you can think that I do not read the many answers that the community has given me. And I add what you have actually told me regarding the exterior and interior view of the plane; you said:

    "... I use the trigger button to change to the outside following view. The bottom pinky finger button is used to bring the view back inside the cockpit. ,,,"

    You say that you have made that assignment, but you have not said "how have you done it", and this is my problem. This and many other assignments are not included in the 'Controller setup', and this is my problem, and of course you did not know. How are those functions NOT contained in the controller setup assigned? Surely it is very simple, very elementary, like millions of judgments and procedures of computer science, graphic design, ...

    Professional computer scientists, or very dedicated amateurs, you consider too simple, and it is, when you have done it thousands of times, but difficult for those who have never done it. THE MOST DIFFICULT, IT IS ALWAYS THE FIRST TIME, and that is my case in the assignment of functions.

    And ... I've spread too much.

    Well Ray, since for you it is, 'easy peasy', please write me, the detailed sequence or procedure to assign the external view to the trigger button on my index finger, and the view inside the cockpit, to the pinky finger. Done this, I guess this is a general procedure for many assignments, although I guess not for all, otherwise, there would be no 'Saitek Smart Technology (SST)', and within this, specifically the driver 'X52 Pro Flight Control System '.

    You also want to tell me, if this is the driver (X52 Pro Flight Control System.)

    What do I have to download to make programming and allocation of functions much wider?

    Once again, grateful for your effort and time dedicated to this user

    Kind regards: Delfin

  • Delfin,

    Go to the setup screen in Aerofly FS2. There are choices for you to select what button you want to use for what purpose. If you want to switch to an exterior view but pressing a button on the X52 Pro then you select it there. test it and if not satisfied do something else. There are no other drivers to help you. You have to sue the Setup screen for keymapping. The backspace icon in the upper right of the screen will clear old entries.


    Here are the details.

    Click on the Settings box on the Start Screen. Then Controls box, the View box (3rd from top of left).

    You should be in the Controller Setup.

    3rd line from top is Internal View. 1st box to the right, click the Tigger Button on your X52 (button 6)

    now move down to External View, 1st box to the right, click the Pinky Finger button on your X52 (button 15)

    Click on the white triangle in the upper left of the screen.

    Do it again to exit settings.

    Press Start.

    Test your key assignments.



  • Hi Ray

    More simple ... impossible !

    You know, the first time, it's always the hardest

    I had only worked with setup screen in Aerofly FS2 ('Controller setup -primary'). That's why I could not do other assignments. My apologies for this lack of further investigation.

    The "Mode selector switch 3-position rotary switch with tristate LED to indicate program mode", how to use it ?. I have done all the assignments in position 1, and I notice that even if I change it to any of the other two, the previous assignments in any of the positions continue to be activated. I repeat, how to get the multiplier power of possibilities to this selector?

    And the third and last question (for today): You have not answered me, does the application of the driver have or not X52 Pro Flight Control System . in this Sim?

    And once again, many, many thanks


  • Beats me. I can't help you, I don't use those features. I have no idea what you are talking about the application of the driver. Guess you will need to find someone at Logitech to help you.



    A steely-eyed Sierra Hotel record setting F-15E Strike Eagle simulator pilot. 8o
    Out now: Hawaiian Islands 8) Part 1: Kauai + Niihau v2

    Work in Progress: Part 2: Molokai, Maui, Lanai, Kohoolawe + Molokini Crater