improvement of the Aerofly fs2

  • Always thinking about the improvement of the Aerofly fs2 I suggest the placement of the co-pilot in the commercial aircraft and in the Learjet, even if they do not move, but only to not be empty, because for those who love making videos like me it is very necessary to see for example the 747 landing with a pilot only ... I also think that a little bit of smoke during the touch of the wheels is fundamental and it is these small details that make the difference in the time to opt for this or that simulator ... my suggestions are and always will be in order to improve more and more this simulator that I love and enjoy, ok?

  • AFS2 had pilot and copilot figures last year. When they started messing with the CoPilot features they also lost the pilot figures. One step forward, two back on this one. I keep waiting for the upgrade or improved CoPilot feature to return but it is seldom mentioned.



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