Aerofly FS 2019 for IOS Released!

  • I agree 1000%! Please IPACS

    Yeah, but ... isn't that the case? If you just switch the copilot on, and use heading/alt/pitch/speed buttons, shouldn't that work? Using the autoland button does exactly that-auto land, incl, flaps and gear, of course.

    Maybe someone will report back on the compatibility of the Steel Series Nimbus and Aerofly FS 2019 IOS. This sounds like a match made in heaven.


    i tried a controller once, but it did not feel as natural as with tilting the device. On desktop with a real yoke etc. thats a different story of course, but with a mobile game, I'd stick with tilting. The only downside is, that especially with bigger devices, moving your thumb to reach a button usually leads to an attitude change when flying manually. But not such a big deal.

  • Some more feedback.

    Sometimes the flap settings when flying manually are not indicated. In an approach, I set them to 50%, and when I wanted to set them to 100, the other setting was not indicated green.

    Flight director bars are still a mystery to me. In a flight with a route, and Autopilot on in between, there were none. Then, just placing the plane somewhere in the air, the bars were there.

    I like all the new warnings, like gear up, master caution etc. Adds a lot to immersion.

    Almost forgot: This hud Option only affects the hud view, but not in a good way. There is no need for an additional hud horizon there. The hud view itself is somewhat broken yet anyway, Compass is way too below, can only be seen when zoomed out max.

    Haven‘t seen th HUD Option affect any other view.


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  • Gibt es einen besonderen Grund, dass ein Ipad 4 mini nicht unterstützt wird ?

    ( APPLE MK8E2FD/A iPad mini 4 WiFi + Cellular 128 GB LTE Tablet )

    mfg, Jens ...

    Mein Home-Cockpit ... My Simulator Hardware

    MSI PRO Z690-P DDR4 --- SI INTEL Core i7-13700F 2.1GHz LGA1700 Tray --- Palit RTX4070 JetStream 12GB DDR6 --- 16GB DDR4 PC4400 --- SSD Patriot 1TB M.2 Viper VP4300 --- Pimax Crystal

    Alles fliegt irgendwie,
    fragt sich nur wielange

  • I realised what the problem is with flaps in the King Air. Although the button says 50%, after pushing (or: touching) it feedback says "flaps 35". Can't remember now whether its degrees or perecent. Either way, the button stays white. Confusing.


  • Happy to have a new aerofly Game- unhappy that it is a new App- confusing? Yes, it is.

    It is a shame that ratings are down to 3,3 Starts, although you did a great Job. That will be hard to change.

    You really should explain your new game on your YouTube Channel to show the difference.

    And why you didn‘t say a word? Again strange way to get public without using marketing right in front of Christmas.

  • Hi Jan, Sorry for seeming to call your COPILOT auto flight stupid!, I meant the invisible, virtual deranged three bar copilot occupant of the right seat.

    I got the Dash 8 spoilers up on take off again and also got half throttle selected during take off in all manual flight, must be the mutinous virtual copilot again.

    It happened on a fresh sim start with the Dash 8 being the previous session's last plane used. The half throttle seems random, it can happen with a normal spoilers manual take off, the plane's engine performance can mysteriously drop off to approach power after flap retraction as an example.

    I get the crazy copilot in the landing 737 too, my flaps return to 1 degree unless the speed is less than a scary 170 knots.

    Is the (delightful8)) COPILOT autoflight function meant to be permanently engaged until landing? I cannot disable it properly, the 747 will do an Airbus style autonomous go around despite manual control being restored and the COPILOT green power symbol being off.

    Merry Christmas to everyone in IPACS.

    iPad 9.7" pro

    190 GB free storabe

    Fresh boot ups.

    No other apps running.

  • Spoilers up are correct for the Q400, as long as throttle is near idle. They are often called by ATC "your spoilers are still out" and they usually respond: "and they should be."

    But the q400 throttle being stuck below 100% is not intended. Try to move the throttle slider more slowly, then you will reach full power for takeoff. If you move the slider to quickly it doesn't reach max power.

    The go around is not intended and I never experienced that in my testing. And the copilot is off when you set it off, it might just be that the throttle slider is doing something weird...

    To help me, please try to find the extact steps that reproduce this issue, then I can fix it.

  • I ordered a new 9.7 IN iPad (latest edition) 32GB Grey for $223. My iPad Air was overlooked in the spec choices. Christmas sales and year end is always a good time for good deals.

    The iPad Pro got aced out this year by the Alienware curved monitor.



  • I had all but given up on Aerofly mobile but swung by here to see if there was anything new. I didn't realise a new version had been released. Given I participated in beta testing on the prior version and did a lot of promotion through YouTube content and forum reviews this really caught me by surprise which makes me wonder how this is being marketed.

    Previously, there was some hype around AF2 and it was an instant purchase for me along with all the available in app purchases. This time around I'm not so sure. The whole team are clearly talented and have produced a great product and as for buying a new version of the app to support the development, I'm all for that. What does concern me though is no transparency to the future of this sim. We bought all the aircraft for AF1, had to do the same for AF2. This time around, all the aircraft are included which is a smart move but it seems we lose some things as well - ground texture quality and the fabulous Swiss region as examples.

    I also have concern over updates - the last version waited a full year for an update to fix some crashes caused by simply flying through specific areas.

    Finally, a few things were teased for AF2 which never materialised such as regions & aircraft. Granted nothing was promised but when screenshots of new aircraft and regions are provided from the mobile version then it's not unrealistic for users or prospective buyers to expect these to be available.

    I genuinely hope things will be more open going forward so people can have faith in what they are buying.

    I believe these new updates could have been rolled into the existing version of the app as in app purchases to support the development while also retaining existing regions. If there was some genuine reason for the need for a new version outside of income, I would be disappointed if the app did not continue to grow for those who wish to extend the app while supporting the developers. Make Switzerland a free update but also have the likes of Nevada and New York as downloadable optional purchases and let the user decide if they have the device space to support the purchase. At this point I'm worried it is a case of one step forward and two steps back. If there is a reason why region management is not going to be possible on mobile then why not just state as much so your customers know what they are buying into?

    I really don't want this to come across as too negative because as I say it is an excellent sim on mobile but history does raise concerns.

  • I had all but given up on Aerofly mobile but swung by here to see if there was anything new. I didn't realise a new version had been released. Given I participated in beta testing on the prior version and did a lot of promotion through YouTube content and forum r...

    I agree on most terms of your statements. Maybe we should consider this a „soft launch“, with us a testers of a release candidate version?

    To me, the developers‘ strategy makes some sense. Maybe they weren‘t so sure of this new version or the timing themselves, but wanted to give an Xmas present to those that look for it. I certainly did, but was totally caught out by surprise myself.

    Considering the most work went into streamlining the iOS version with the PC version code-wise, this is actually a new programme. But one that looks almost identical to the previous one, but lacking features (Switzerland). Hence the new compatibility. And so it even makes more sense to market it as a new programme, so that the FS2 can stay in the App Store for users that can‘t play the new FS2019 or want to fly in Switzerland.

    I really hope this is just the beginning now, which helps the developers to respond faster and develop new things faster as the code might be shared now in significant amounts. I also hope that there won‘t be any disappointing tradeoffs. If the unavailability of InApp purchases for regions or aircraft turns out to be one, wow, this would be a disappointment. Switzerland is a must, not an option, to me. Not because I‘m flying there that often, but because it is available in FS2 (although it took some time to find it‘s way there, too).

    For now, I‘m happy with the Dash8, better textures where before was just washed out colors, the whole new dimension of a helicopter.

    Nevertheless, I will open a new thread with a collection of issues I already encountered.

    Keep up the good work guys, and don‘t let yourself get turned down when reading ridiculous App Store reviews or requests like ‚I want to have a real time boarding experience‘ ;(