How difficult is it to build static models of the IPACS default aircraft?

  • Jan,

    I understand the frustrations of those trying to build a flying model for AFS2, but it just seems logical to me that static ground models should be a whole lot simpler and easier. Yet, no one has attempted to add the default aircraft to the static inventory for downloading. ?(

    It seems that the 3d model images appear rather quickly when someone starts to build an aircraft then the lack of details for the TMD ends up basically killing the project. I wish there was someone on the team that would choose to add static models with a couple of alternate paint schemes to our download site. If anyone asks for a priority, I would recommend they start with the R-22, B737, F-15 Strike Eagle, Robin, twin-props, Cessna 172, etc. :/



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  • the tmd file is not as bad as you think, it's open nature and full control might be a bit overwhelming.

    The tmd code itself is written in plain text and can be read and becomes relatively self explanatory after some time. But I'm always there to help you understand the concept.

    The default aircraft use up too many resources it would increase loading time and the vram is not big enough to handle more than four or five of them, especially if each one has different liveries.

    Also keep in mind that most of the users probably only have a gb of vram.