Thermalling in the new version

  • Set up your final glide path for landing and you are guaranteed to find a thermal!

    Seriously, if you set thermal activity to max and moderate to strong wind conditions to allow ridge soaring you will eventually encounter a thermal.

    They are relatively tight so it does take some effort to core.

    I have not had much success with flat land thermal flights. They are just too sparse for consistent flights.

    They are not associated with cumulus (we need to wait for the weather upgrade for that). Nor are the thermals associated with ground features. Although I did encounter a thermal low on the ridge right over some sewage treatment ponds, which brought to mind soaring at Dansville NY where the treatment ponds at one end of the ridge were a consistent source of a weak thermal on cool days. We just need the Smell-o-Matic plugin for added realism. :)



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