Why is the A380 missing?

  • I always wondered why the A380 has never been on the PC version. The mobile model is amazing. I would assume it would be easy to convert that to PC. It would be nice having another airliner to fly around. Maybe even longhual like the 747.

  • Wish they would just release it and advise that it may not work with VR.

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  • At the moment the a380 has the basic features implemented. The more advanced features fully interactive cockpit, interactive system pages, the track ball to move the cursor on the screen or alternatively a simulated touch screen will require a lot more work.

  • I agree with Jeff here, VR is only going to get better (higher resolution, bigger field of view, foveated rendering). It's imperative AFS2 brings the highest VR standard & experience as that'll translate even better when the new HMDs ship and hopefully drive in more demand & people to VR scene (and AFS2!).

    Having said that, I wonder if the AFS2 can (and will?) be ported to Oculus Quest without too much trouble? (I don't know anything about the underlying engine used or such). I can definitely see that as an easy win to get more people interested as it's portable to show friends and family.

  • I wonder if the AFS2 can (and will?) be ported to Oculus Quest without too much trouble?

    This is an interesting thought but I can't really comment on it too much. Personally I think that it would make for a really nice platform if we could successfully accomplish a port. There are indeed a bunch of limiting factors and hurdles to get past, do we aim for more of a PC type experience or aim more towards mobile? Performance and available storage space is also a concern.

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