Swiss cultivation free from ORBX

  • Hello,

    From the coordinates I read, this is the tree exclusion rectangle. Is this right?

    Seems to be quite offset from Bern town or airport.

    I've used this coordinate for Bern but the result is the same, trees are always there.






    <[vector2_float64][min][7.2894 46.8784]>

    <[vector2_float64][max][7.6231 47.1019]>





  • Hello,

    Did you make the exclusion of the default-DLC-vegetation as a separate *.toc-file?

    For realisation of cultivation (incl. exclusion of the default-vegetation) I split every tile in four sectors A (upper left), B (upper right, C (lower left) & D (lower right).

    Sorry, LSZB-airport is placed in sector D (not A – wrong coordinates):

    Tile FolderName FileName Koord LonMinDraft LonMaxDraft LatMinDraft LatMaxDraft
    8500_a600 8500_a600_CH_Bern (autogen) Bern_autogenA 7.20710 47.09945 7.0313 7.3829 46.9811 47.2178
    8500_a600 8500_a600_CH_Bern (autogen) Bern_autogenB 7.55865 47.09945 7.3829 7.7344 46.9811 47.2178
    8500_a600 8500_a600_CH_Bern (autogen) Bern_autogenC 7.20710 46.86275 7.0313 7.3829 46.7444 46.9811
    8500_a600 8500_a600_CH_Bern (autogen) Bern_autogenD 7.55865 46.86275 7.3829 7.7344 46.7444 46.9811

    Never mind! Find enclosed as sample/ template as addon for trees-exclusion of the whole tile 8500_a600 of Bern (without the cultivation-files incl. new trees-definition):

    ORBX-cultivation using the default-vegetation of Swiss-DLC (there are a lot of trees going through the buildings)

    [Blocked Image:]

    ORBX using the excluding-definition (some trees left, seems to be included in the ORBX-cultivation as single placed-objets - but threre is no forerst remaining in the background):

    [Blocked Image:]

    Own cultivation (using the script V6) including single-placed OSM-based-trees:

    [Blocked Image:]

    What is missing is the combine of ORBX replacing the default-vegetation with OSM-generated trees. I will work this WE on this for the sample of Bern, cause I have to split my cultivation-files.

    Hope it works also for you!


  • Thank you so much for the work, but it is still too complicated for ordinary users as me. Wish there be simpler ways to improve upon the ORBX cultivation. Or maybe IPACS could give us an update...

  • TomB what is the algorithm to know the geographic coordinates of a ttc file? Thank you!

  • I guess they follow Aerofly's grid system. However i do not know the level for these tree tiles (10, 11?). There are 70 of these tree tiles covering whole Switzerland, maybe this gives an indication of the level.

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  • JOSM where the OSM data can be edited. You need to remove the parts of e.g. the highway you do not want to be illuminated.

    If the offending highway has a distinctive key/value in the OSM data you can always add an attribute String;skip|yes in scenProc

    and use UnloadFeatures|skip="yes" to remove the feature before cultivating.


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  • Seems to work on my side.......

    Just uninstalled and redownloaded, no issues.

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  • Good to know, many thanks HiFlyer for trying that!
    It's strange. Central says "Product owned" (however its not in "My Products"), but the "Install" button is greyed. I have a "Main library" assigned (on a non-system SSD) and enough space.
    I also tried it while FS2 was running in Steam, but no change...