Thank you for updating the Mac version !

  • Thank you for your feedback. It would be great if you could report back to us how the new renderer performs on your computer. Once we know it runs stable on many different Mac computers, we can actually check if its possible to run some of our DLCs on them.

  • Sure, I will try to quantify the approved graphics: (2015 15" MacBook Pro w/ AMD and 2.5Ghz CPU)

    Before update, I would need to run graphics at 50%-60% Pixel percentage and minimal graphics settings to avoid what I can only describe as stutters that would exist in the graphics (especially when panning or shifting views) This feels to me like a pipeline clog...

    Post update, I am now running maxed out at 100% Pixel percentage and Ultra graphics. I will still get an occasional stutter, but nothing close to before. I also notice a much clearer rendering of scenery.

    Not very scientific, but I hope I have depicted what I believe as a large improvement.

  • The same in my case. Stutter present in earlier version completelly disapeared and I have constant 60 fps on my iMac with 100% pixel density and high detail level. But after update heavy and very visible tearing appeared during looking around or maneuvering the plane. It is present both with internal ATI 560 and external ATI 580 GPU. Maybe someone noticed similar problem?

  • Feedback as requested:

    iMac 5k late 2014, 4GHz I7, 8gb, R9 M295X 4mb

    Full screen, pixel density 100%, Lens flare 0n, Graphics quality ultra, visibility high, medium cirrus & cumulus, flying from LAX

    Results in buttery smooth flight & graphics appear to be sharper. Little or no tearing on fast pan in external view

    Is it possible to display the frame rate on a mac? & roll on some of the promised DLC

  • The frame tearing can have multiple causes. It's usually seen if the frames per second are lower than the desired 60 frames per second. Aerofly FS by default has VSYNC enabled but only for 60 FPS. Anything lower is not synched to the display, thats why you see this tearing, e.g. frame that belong to different time steps. In our opinion this is much better than the change from 30 to 60 FPS which causes a lot more stuttering.

    @prwood: Running Aerofly FS on a 5K display with 100% pixel density is a real overkill. Could you please experiment with setting it to a lower value, e.g. 75%. Again a the 3D graphic card in the iMac just can't handle Aerofly FS with a 5K display if all pixels are being rendered.

    To bring up the FPS display one has to press 'Fn' + 'Command' + F1. I would be very interested in seeing the FPS difference on the 5K display when switching from 75% to 100% pixel density.

  • In my case fps shown by counter varies constantly from about 59.50 to 60.15. Those values are independent from my graphic settings (from lowest to highest possible). Can those small variations of fps cause so visible stuttering?

  • It looks strange in my opinion. In older Open Glide version of the sim overall performance was much worse. I was able to play only with details level set to low and 50% of pixel density. Even then i have had only about 55-57 fps (over populated areas 45-55). There was visible stuttering and permanent fps drops, but tearing was not present. Now fps are constant high, the same as refresh rate of the screen, so tearing should not appear, but it is very heavy. I have not noticed it in other applications using Metal.

  • Pixel density 100% = 37-40 FPS

    Pixel density 75% = 47-60 FPS

    To be honest, The sim runs perfectly & very smoothly at either setting. No stutters & minimal tearing when panning. The lower pixel density seems to give a slightly smoother flight with marginally more jaggies on curved surfaces of the aircraft.

  • Moin Moin,

    here are my values:


    - MacBookPro (15-inch, 2018)

    - Processor: 2.9 GHz Intel Core i9

    - Memory: 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

    - Graphics card: Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB


    - Full screen

    - Sun visor effect ON

    - Pixel Density 100%

    - Graphic quality ULTRA

    => approx. 28 fps

    - Pixel Density 100%

    - Graphic quality HIGH

    => approx. 42 fps

    - Pixel Density 100%

    - Graphic quality MEDIUM

    => approx. 50 fps

    Bye from Germany


  • admin i get 60fps at 75% density, and 45-60fps at 100%, depending on altitude. Both on ultra setting.

    2017 5K iMac 4.2ghz i7, 48GB ram, nvidia radeon pro 580 graphics.

    In both scenarios i do get the tearing when panning the camera.

    I’m also getting a lot of freezing which requires me to quit and restart or occasionally crashes out on its own.

    I’d be happy to help out if I can with feedback or testing. Would love to see the Mac version advance with dlc etc.