Aerofly FS 2019 - Feedback and credit!


    Can anything be done to make the mobile airliner autopilot (central) push pull buttons/switches such as the Boeing 747 hdg hold vs hdg select control more responsive?, I find it very hard to get them to respond, it can take 30 seconds! and spoils the simulation. All the 3 way centre controls are a problem, the minor 2 state controls on the outside have a large smooth swipe ring and the middle adjustment control ring is more cramped. The centre ‘dot’ switch is really hit or (more likely) miss. The Airbus types are also difficult.

    I’m using a 9.7” pro and microfibre clean the screen.

    The swipe needs to be quite long and not too close to the screen edge so a zoomed in instruments only view with an upstroke near the top will not work well.

    Even if the sim does not respond to them it would be helpful if the flight plan in the FMC/CDU could be user-edited in order to show the real world altitudes from STARs and Approach Plates, the real world fixes are present in 2019 and PC FS2 and the displayed correct altitudes could be a promp for manual ALT and flight level change inputs.

    As ever Thanks for an Incredible mobile sim.

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  • You kind of lost me in the autopilot section. The autopilot is the same in the mobile version and the desktop version. For the touch input we added the green overlay with the rings and a switch in the center of the ring. This disk can be pulled down or pushed up to simulate a knob pulling or pushing. Just put the finger on the center button and then move the finger up or down to either push or pull.

    The flight plan can be edited in the same aircraft as on the desktop version, which currently are A320, Q400, LJ45, B737 (retro fitted device). I've started work on the C90 and B747 CDUs but they are not finished yet. Since there are some major changes required to include the approaches and departures from our database it didn't make sense for us to add more and more stuff that we will have to change once the underlaying navigation part changes. We kind of saved us the work of switching everything to the new stuff by not doing it yet which means you'll get it sooner.


    The specific touch-screen push up for the mobile 747 controls and the specific touch-screen push up or down to activate or disable the mobile Airbus autopilot controls simply do not work about 95%+ of the time, the finger tip goes crazy pulling, pushing, swiping both ways and tapping but nothing happens. Just the centre touch spots. 9.7" -big- iPad pro, clean screen

    Re the CDU, I only meant allowing the new (non functioning) numbers to display. It was to 'get around' the 10 mile, 2,000 feet last route leg.

    Looking forwards to the new improvements.

    I realise that a LONG upswipe (and other swipes) is required and that if the control is too close to the screen edge the movement is not recognised. I only posted again because that unresponsive centre button issue hadn’t been addressed. Thanks for replying J.

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  • Jet-Pack (IPACS) what’s wrong with c90 FMC? As I believe it works haven’t checked though.can’t wait for the 747’s revamped FMC, the FMC in the actual 737-500 it has the traditional Boeing FMC like in the 777,747,767,757,727,717.

    Never mind the c90’s FMC isn’t the best

    And would it be possible to have auto Trim because you can move the trim wheels in the aircraft but the trim is automatically re centered any way to fix that?

  • The 737-500 that we model has a different FMC, a retrofitted device similar to the ones found in the q400 and lj45. And it already works...

    C90 CDU isn't fully operational yet but I actually like that style.

    Autotrim is already implemented that is what is changing the trim on the ground back to takeoff trim. This is intentional because otherwise you'd takeoff with a wrong trim setting all the time :)

  • Jet-Pack (IPACS) i know you or one of the devs stated few weeks ago that there would be a update for Aerofly sometime mid June i presume there where some complications? And I know your working on the 747, and I have some modifications to the overhead panel in the 747, the overhead panel lights don’t work for EG the APU gen 1 Avail light doesn’t work same with all those other little lights within the overhead panel I know they’re implemented as you can test them but they don’t function if you know what I mean and to me the over head panel feels a bit to far back and a bit to low because I’ve P3d videos of the PMDG 747 and I’ve seen images of the overhead panel and the IRS switches are above the captains head.

    I also forgot about the truck tilt if you look at images of the 747s gear before it lands after its deployed the outboard gear are angled at steeper angle than the inboard gear and the inboard gear is shallower than the outboard gear.

    in the future I know y’all are intending to add engine startup/shutdown, but I was curious if y’all intend to add gate “spawns”, Pushback, fueling, passengers, doors,and freighters like the MD11F and the 747-400F, and simple cold and dark state, a complex cold and dark state, and a trim around state. I would like to see a way to configure the aircraft’s weight eg: PAX, fuel, Cargo.

  • We are really happy with the improvements in this wonderful simulator of course all are very welcome, but I think we should not compare the Boeing 747-400 of Aerofly FS2 with the Boeing 747-400 of PMDG for example, as they are infinitely different and their purposes as well. Despite not doing "professional" flights on Aerofly because of these things, I still have a lot of fun and I think that's the intention of IPACS, to be able to entertain people with a wonderful "middle ground" Simulator in images and flight dynamics.