Models from RC7 users and hopes for future ones

  • I fly discus launched gliders and was disappointed RC8 does not seem to have even one. I had a model for RC7 a Stobel I think, can I copy that to the aircraft directory?

    I am hoping in the future for models like more FPV racing multicopters. Especially mini ones like a Tiny Whoop (Blade Inductrix) or brushless ones. And maybe a house based racing course!

    Some more small EPP profile 3d aerobatic planes would be nice as they are extremely popular in the US.

    EPP slope gliders, Weasel, Alula, Le-Fish, and lightweight un-powered aerobatic wing


  • I'm pretty sure rc7 models will not work because rc8 uses a newer graphics engine. Hopefully they will add more aircraft and 4D fields in the near future. For now, it's pretty hard to complain with the large number of aircraft included and the quality of the current 4D fields. Plus you can edit these for diff scale and some have diff colour schemes. All pretty impressive for a new launch imho.

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  • It does look like user created content will be accommodated as there is as there is a separate directory for RC8 created in Users\documents\

    Is there a users manual for RC8 yet to download?

  • As stated in another posting, user models from RC7 are currently not working. We are working on conversion tools.

    It would be great to have RC 7 models in RC 8. (I don't have RC 7 (Mac house here) - will there be a way to get an Albatross L39 somehow?)