Aerosoft FS 2,

  • I have received numerous advice about starting Oculus VR within my game but none of it was of any use!

    So, could anyone tell me if older versions of the DVD game, indeed contained the files needed for VR.

    Mine only says in " Settings- Simulation- Centre view for VR. That's it ? No way of actually setting it up.

    I have contacted seller to see what he says on the subject. The makers don't answer my emails.

  • Aerofly FS 2 always worked with VR. We strongly recommend however to apply the latest update from here:

    The DVD Version and the Steam version are the same, you don't have to 'upgrade' to the steam version.

    For further help, please post the file called 'tm.log' from the Documents/Aerofly FS 2/ folder here after you tried to start Aerofly FS in VR mode.