Cultivation the simple way part one.


    Part One of Two

    Firstly I must point out that I am no expert in making cultivation. Having spent many years making auto-gen for FSX and P3D having found little or no help on the internet. I had to do it the hard way learning by making loads of mistakes and burning the mid-night oil.

    Then I took the quantum leap of purchasing FS 2 and the learning curve started all over again with little help from the web.

    Like Edison I know of over 100 ways on how not to do it.

    So lets get you started with your cultivation project.

    Firstly you need to download the OSM Data this can be found at this web site

    Open this web page and fill out the left panel with your data selection of OSM XML gzip'd, your email address ad project or area name.

    Then press the green “here” button to select your area to download. Don't go mad here and try for a big area, I found around 20 Mbs of data was OK.

    You can experiment with larger downloads if you like.

    Take a screen shot of the download area map and make a note of the village, town or city name near the centre of the area for future reference.

    In Win 7 you can use the "Snipping Tool" found in the "Accessories" folder. Save the picture as "Kladow" on your desk top.

    In our example “Kladow” is near the centre. Using Google Earth Map which you can download free from this link

    make a note of the Longitude and Latitude not forgetting any minus signs.

    In our example the coordinates are Lat 52.4595 and Lon 13.1375

    When your happy about the area then click on the green button “extract” and you can watch the progress of your download by clicking on the bottom status button marked in red in the picture.

    You will also be sent an email link for the download.

    The download should be ready in under 10 minutes depending on the loading of the system.

    I download on my computer in Win 7 to “Computer”, “Downloads” on the “C” drive.

    You have to un zip the downloaded data, I use 7- Zip which is free.

    Once you have un zipped the folder you need to change the name to map.osm because ScenProc will be looking for this file name in part two.

    As an alternative if you are not comfortable using this map you can try this web site

    Some of the countries Germany and Great Britain have their counties listed so its very easy to download a county at any one time.

    However this is OK for England but unfortunately Wales and Scotland are not in county format and are far too big to process in ScenProc. I tried Wales but after 3 days ScenProc gave up.

    You need to select the .osm.bz2 folder to download.

    This has to be un-zipped and the name changed to map.osm ready for processing by ScenProc in part two.

    End of part one.