Cultivation the simple way part two


    Part Two of Two


    Welcome back to part two of this tutorial. You should now have a file called map.osm I keep mine in “Downloads” on the main “C” drive in Win 7 on my computer. Your area picture “Kladow” on your desk top and your noted coordinates.

    You now have to use ScenProc to process the data. My ScenProc is also in “Downloads” on my main “C” drive

    Download working ScenProc and scipt from here…oc-older-version-working/

    Un zip into the same place that you have ScenProc mine are in "Computer" and "Downloads" on my "C" drive in Win 7.

    You need to create a folder for the processed OSM Data by ScenProc mine is in “Computer” “C” drive and named “Cultivation for FS 2”.

    Open ScenProc and select the script using the “Open” button on the top tool bar then press the “Run” button our example will take about 30 minutes or so.

    Not too much more to do now so hang on in there.

    Next download this…enery-place-preprocessor/

    These now need to be moved into your FS 2. You need to make a new folder in FS 2, scenery, places, and call it Kladow Autogen.

    You now need to add the building textures download from here…oc-older-version-working/

    This needs to be un zipped and placed into your new Kladow Autogen folder. This is what the folder looks like.

    With special thanks to all of those who have given generously of their time I would like to acknowledge Arno Gerretsen author of ScenProc, Nick Hod author of AeroScenery, Rodeo, Crispy136, Kenventions, TomSimMuc and Trespassers.

    I have enjoyed making these tutorials and for those willing to have a go I wish you all the very best.

    Kindest regards to everyone, cheers Michael.

    Just to prove it works................

  • Jakob,

    The cultivation for Vienna is very good right out of the box. I made all my scenery for the area yesterday after seeing Thomas' post. Lot of nice trees and green areas.



  • Hi Fabian,

    As per the tutorial ScenProc, the map.osm and the script version 6 (FS 2 Buildings European Roofs etc) should be in "Computer" on your main "C" drive in Win 7 and in the folder called "Downloads".

    Picture attached.

    Kindest Regards, Michael.

  • Ok I'm on Windows 10 so maybe thats the problem, though the folder structure looks quite similar and scen proc doesn't show any error messages. I'll try again tonight and see if I can get some results. Is there a mininum size file that scen proc needs to process? I see that yours is 600 MB big, mine is only 350 KB (just a 10 by 10 km area around Moab, Utah with very few buildings and trees, maybe it doesn't contain enough data to be processed?

  • Make sure that the ScenProc output autogen which is also on my "C" drive is going to the correct folder, it should be called "Cultivation for FS 2".

    I just completed Moab, Utah, USA to test, I downloaded a 330 Klm2 area. Unfortunately the OSM Data for this area is very poor. The map.osm was only 3,664 Kbs of data. It took ScenProc 60 seconds to process. This is a picture of Moab with very little cultivation.

  • I see your point, the OSM data could definitely need some improvement. I read somewhere how users could add data for regions they´re interested in but forgot how it is done. maybe that should be the first step before importing data into ScenProc.

    Judging from your screenshot, ScenProc also needs to be in the Downloads folder? I usually move programs I tend to use regularly into their own folders, so maybe that is the issue.

    cheers, Fabian

    Sorry, but I still seem to get something wrong. I downloaded some larger osm files (from 167 MB to 1,1 GB uncompressed) and processed it with ScenProc using your script. But no matter which file I process, Scen Proc only takes a few seconds and the resulting .toc file is always exactlz 727 KB big. I then create the .tsc files and enter the appropriate coordinates, put the files in the addon scenery folder like instructed, but the cultivation does not show up. Any ideas?

    Best regards,


    Ok, my bad, I found the mistake. I omitted a bracket in the tsc file where the coordinates are put in. All good now. Thanks again for the great tutorial.

  • Copied from my tutorial:

    Next download this generic tsc file. Generic without and un zip onto your desk top for editing.

    Rename the file Kladow.tsc and edit it using Wordpad.

    For our area of Kladow and coordinates taken from Google Maps it should look like this.....









    <[vector2_float64][position][13.1375 52.4595]>
















    So you now have three completed folders on your desk top, Kladow.toc, Kladow.tsc and Kladow picture.

  • Allright guys I am brand new to the Fs-2 Community, I just purchased a week ago but I was using Rodeo's example of how to cultivate but I hit snags.

    First off, I "installed" (Copy&Paste) SceneProc and all the files Rodeo put a link up for on my computers second hardrive. I created a folder called scenery developer and unzipped all the programs and tools there. I then "Updated" Scenproc by copying the update folder over the installed scenproc. I then followed Rodeos directions. I hit snags downloading a map, (It turns out Edge does not like to export via overpass server) but I got the map I wanted. Saved as OSM in a project folder on desktop. Then put in the file import file. I did not have an exclude file as I wanted to just see what would happen. Right of the bat I am getting error messages without the thing running. It refuses to run actually... Whats up here?


  • Hi!

    I am doing this by the Rodeo video. Not sure which tutorial but It does seem to recognize the osm. I just did not have a exclusion file to load.

    I do get failed autogen, rooftops etc. a the beginning of Sceneproc to if that helps. I have a feeling there are no things for it to load. I reallu dunno though as I only have about an hours worth experience with this before getting stopped in my tracks LOL


  • I've tried this method and scenproc is throwing error messages with the script when I run it. I followed your file structure exactly as you diagram. Does this method still work? Is the script still good? Realizing this may now be somewhat outdated method (I'm unsure), is there a new method I should try? Ran into similar errors running rodeo's script. I've been losing my mind a little trying to figure this part out now that I have geoconvert squared and have my map data complete (which also almost put me on the funny farm). Thank you!