Do27 / CASA 127

  • Hi all

    Yes, I have two news, one good and other not so good

    The not so good is I cant make the vr hands work properlly, sometimes work sometimes not, any help on this problem Will be wellcome

    The good notice is I decide to upload the plane this friday, with or without vr hands, mouse can do the work of the vr hands without problem.

  • The interactions with the mouse and vr hands greatly depend on the precise positioning of the controls defined your controls.tmd.

    I can take a look at it if you send me your full aircraft folder via PM (e.g. send me a dropbox or google drive link)

  • For me it's just a very good news, VR hands can wait, it's realy not a priority to take pleasure in VR.

    So excited to test this new plane.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

  • Same for me: VR hands can wait.... But we really need your nice classic taildagger :-). once again, thank you for your excellent work !

    BR from Switzerland

  • Hi all

    You can download the Do27/CASA 127 from here:…/171-dornier-27-casa-127/

    To install just unzip the file in your Aerofly fs2 aircraft directory

    Please keep in mind that Im not a pilot so the flight model can be unreal, I tried to reflect the stol capabilities of the real airplane but I have no way to ensure that. Of course if any of you want to refine theese defects you have my permission,

    In the photo below you can view some functions, battery etc

    I hope you enjoy the plane

  • Argivo thank you so much !!!! as you see i was able to land at one of the mountain strips from our friend drassaud !!! It is a fabulous present you made to our community ! Very sensitive to manage with brakes and balance, but great plane !

    Best Regards from Switzerland

  • Fantastic work, thank you so much for this Spanish Dornier !

    I just flew her yesterday night.

    Issue report: ground taxiing is nearly impossible by be, brakes are not differential and too touchy, while the tailwheel rotates the false direction.

    I don't know it the tailwheel is supposed to be linked to the pedals, but I assume brakes must be differential for efficient steering.



    Config : i7 6900K - 20MB currently set at 4.00GHz, Cooling Noctua NH-U14S, Motherboard ASUS Rampage V Extreme U3.1, RAM HyperX Savage Black Edition 16GB DDR4 3000 MHz, Graphic Card Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 8GB, Power supply Corsair RM Series 850W, Windows 10 64 bit.

  • Very much welcome. :)

    I have one issue to report - but it can be, it's just on my side, I don't know.

    I need to trim the elevators very much to the back to hold the plane level without stick input.

    If I have the trim in neutral position, the plane goes down.

    Wish for Aerofly FS 2:

    - Flightpath recording on hard drive and replay in sim from different view points

    - Smoke for aerobatic planes

    - Multiplayer or at least watching other people flying sitting on ground or inside tower

  • Same very delicate trimming action.... the nose seems to be really heavy... I'm able to land in glaciers. but with slopes, it seems difficult to take off (the nose goes very quickly down)....Otherwise, a very nice classic bird, and a really good job !!

    First pic : successful landing in drassaud mountain landing strips for Switzerland DLC, second pic : I was not so sweet with the brakes in Reichenbach airport (Switzerland DLC).

  • Hi all

    I am sorry about the issues, yes its very difficult to control the plane on ground and the nose tends to go down too easily.

    I Will try to correct theese problems but I cant promise you that Will be solved, I am not an expert, all I can do is a try and error work and there are much parameters interrelated in the tmd file and I dont understand all. Of course you are athorized to experiment if you want but this can be a headache.

    Meanwhile I recomend you to control the plane on the ground this method: with the plane standind, first use the rudder then accelerate slightly and the plane starts to turn. And of course use the brakes as less as posible.

  • Keep calm. ^^ It is always a learning curve… and this is one of the good things in flight simulation. It is always a chance to learn a lot of things, as a pilot or designer about a lot of interesting things.

    We just try to make you and the plane better in pointing you on issues, nothing more. :)

    Wish for Aerofly FS 2:

    - Flightpath recording on hard drive and replay in sim from different view points

    - Smoke for aerobatic planes

    - Multiplayer or at least watching other people flying sitting on ground or inside tower

  • Hi

    I have noticed that nose up elevator trimming is also required in my Starfighter, perhaps some balance issues could also explain the nose tipping over This could be the models centre point being slightly off when it was modelled, only guessing here. The starfighter has a habit of the nose lifting when it comes to rest on the brakes.


  • Hi Steve, yes was a nightmare to get the DO something like equilibrate, I think its not a just one parameter question, when you touch something then other thing change, as an example when I change the center point of the model then have to change the lift for the wings and then change te stabilizers values etc. Thats very realistic, its obvius, but can make you crazy, specially when, like me, dont have idea of whats happening :D