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  • Greetings fellow flight simmers!

    I would like to introduce a brand new way to post, share, view, and comment on the wonderful screenshots that all of you make. We have opened up the new GALLERY that is located in the tabs ribbon on top of the page. You will quickly notice that this is not only for the Aerofly FS 2 community but rather for ALL of our platforms, even the new Aerofly RC8.

    This new screenshot location will replace the screenshot thread to make it easier for everyone. We will close the thread but will keep it alive so that you can see historic screenshots.

    Here are some basic details to get you going.

    Uploading a screenshot - Uploading a screenshot is easy, In the GALLERY dropdown you will see categories for Aerofly FS 2, Aerofly RC8, and Mobile, simply click on the category that you wish to upload a screenshot to, and click the UPLOAD button in the upper right. Now click on the upload icon and select your photo. You will need to fill in a title for the photo, and add a description if you would like. Click SAVE ALL to publish. You can go back to edit in the future if you want simply by clicking on your image.

    Note: You can also tag a video instead if you would like by clicking the video icon instead of upload image icon.

    Creating Albums - You can combine multiple photos to create an album if you would like. You can edit existing photos that you have already uploaded and clicking on the + under album to create a new album, or selecting the album under the dropdown under album while in edit. You can also add an album by MY ALBUMS under the GALLERY tab.


    * The GALLERY works the same way that the forum does however it is only specialized for photos and videos

    * You can manage all of your own photos and videos by clicking on either MY ALBUMS or MY IMAGES under the GALLERY tab

    * You can add any photo to any of your albums by editing any photo and changing the route under the ALBUM section of the photo.

    * All images must have a title in order to publish it.

    * You can freely comment on (as long as the photo has been uploaded to accept comments) or like any photo in the gallery.

    * Make sure that you upload your photo to the proper category.

    * If you are making an album with only videos, you should add at least one image to the album to show a cover photo.

    We hope that you enjoy this new feature. Start uploading your photos and videos for the world to see now !

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    On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.