How is the sample dll project supposed to function?

  • When I run afs2 with the sample dll project I get a window that is sometimes full of messages about all sorts of things but other times it has zero messages. Is it functioning properly or is something wrong? I wanted to make sure that the sample is working as expected (and that I understand how that is) before I move on to modifying it.

  • Sorry for the slow reply - I've been busy and haven't worked on this project in a while. I messed around with it some more and I don't know what the problem is but here's the symptoms:

    • Most of the time the window shows zero messages and most of the window is blank. I haven't seen this change mid-flight but I can get it to "reset" (and behave as below) by pressing ESC to get to the menu screen and then clicking "start" to resume flying.
    • About one in every 5-6 launches (or "resets" via the menu) the window will periodically (every 1-2 seconds) show a page of messages for around 1 second before blanking again. This continues until I "reset" by backing to the menu or re-launch the game and then it's another 1 in 5 or 6 chance that it will be working.
    • Sometimes (every 10 times that it actually shows messages maybe?) it will work for 2-4 seconds without blanking but then it begins blanking again as normal.

    What I have tried:

    • Verifying my installation through Steam
    • Deleting the built dll (launching again to ensure that what I removed was what was actually running) and then re-built it from a freshly extracted copy only changing the build target (Windows 10) and the output directory (I use a non-standard location for my documents folder and the build path uses <user>/Documents).
    • Downloading to the Windows 8.1 SDK so that the build target remained unchanged.
    • Turning down my graphics all the way.
    • Using both fullscreen and windowed modes.
    • Changing aircraft and location.
    • Using training mode.

    Next I will try:

    • Full re-install

    Any other ideas?

  • We tested our dll with the latest steam version and the latest dll project that we uploaded. All messages are received correctly and because not all messages are send all the time (for optimization purposes) the list that you see in the window may vary in length. So sometimes the list is longer, then these messages are no longer received and the list clears again but it's only a visual thing, does't affect the message reception. If you create your own project always make sure to save the value of the last message and code it in a way that it doesn't depend on the order or delay of the message arrivals.