Remove HUD from Q400?

  • Is it somehow possible to remove the ('physical') HUD from the Q400? The HUD was added later on with an update but the Q400 I am simulating doesn't have a HUD (not all Q400's have one) and I like the cockpit more without it. So maybe I can edit a file to remove it...?

  • Haha, I know it took a lot of work ;) but I never use it (and indeed simply leave it up there as it is). I was thinking maybe there was an option because the HUD in the Majestic Q400 is optional (as it is in real life). I already expected it wasn't possible but you never know for sure until you ask. ;) Perhaps the old model (without the HUD) was still in there somehow...

  • There have been numerous other changes to the one and only 3D model, but maybe a section of the ceiling could still be copied over. That still leaves the task of making the hud to a module that can just be ripped out of the tmd file like that. Something like that is not implemented in aerofly yet but of course we want to have that eventually, e.g. change the engines, change the prop, change the tyres, etc.