Why is there no A319 and A321 in the game?

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    There are more differences between these aircraft than just the lengths.

    - A321 engines have more thrust

    - A321 has different flaps -> needs remodeling, new animations, different aerodynamic performance, different trim settings

    - A321 has different door configuration -> needs remodeling and new animations
    - A319 has different door configuration (expect if we keep the two door as option) -> needs remodeling
    - A319 has a different cargo door -> needs remodeling, new animation

  • I think perhaps it’s wiser to expand the fleet to be as wide as possible rather than focusing on the A32s series. On the other hand, the devs are focusing on depth of simulation instead of similar models with different lengths.

    Yes, please keep focusing on depth of simulation instead of adding similer (or even completely different) models! Unless of course those new models are deeply simulated right from the start (like the R22 is, as I am told). ;) The fleet is wide enough as it is already (although a Piper would be appreciated... ;) )