VR Anomalies since R22 introduced

  • Hi

    Just got back from holidays, and I think you guys have updated a lot of things in the background, since first releasing R22.

    Too try and explain, the anomalies on the side of buildings is like a liquid bubble moving across or like a circular section has been cut out, moved a fraction and bounced back. Weird. I never had this problem before and I have been flying this Sim since '16.

    Have you upped the Textures on Buildings, runways ect. Because certain places have suddenly become un flyable for me due the weird bubbles redraws on buildings and strange flickering on runways. I don't have these problems when flying my own scenery that is ladened with Trees, houses and custom scenery objects.

    Another question is there a higher texture count in the R22, because if I fly say the Dash, Its not as bad, but the minute I jump into the R22 it's all these weird anomalies and it's not happening on screen only in my VR headsets.

    Any Help would be appreciated

    Love you guys and this is the best Sim Ever.

  • This vaguely looks like the infamous Asynchronous Space Warp bug on Oculus Rift.

    ASW is designed to infer a frame between frames in order to reach 90 fps when you actually run at 45 fps. The problem is that sometimes it does not work properly, typically when the image is changing too quickly. The most obvious example is through the propeller in IL2. But yes I experience it in AFS2 / R22 as well, not too sure in what context, maybe the propeller as well?

    You can deactivate ASW using Oculus Tray Tool.

  • It's definitely ASW but I'd hesitate to call it a 'bug.' It's a limitation of the sophisticated algorithms that do the spatial and temporal frame interpolation. It usually only shows up on fast movement of narrowly spaced patterns. There is a new v2 implementation of ASW on the horizon which can also incorporate z buffer data to hopefully eliminate these artifacts.

    To answer the OP's question, what this really means is that for some reason your performance has decreased, and you aren't maintaining 90fps anymore. Thus ASW activates to keep a smooth framerate in your display. It could be an issue with your PC unrelated to FS2, or you might need to dial back your graphics settings in FS2. You can also force ASW to be disabled but you will then have a mediocre frame rate in your Rift rather than correcting the real issue.

  • Those disturbing artifacts are indeed very visible when you fly with the R22 close to tall buildings or skyscrapers in demanding scenarios at least on my rig (I7-4770, 3.4GHz, 1080GTX, 32G Ram).

    Whilst ASW v2.0 will certainly provide a solution to the issue and as far as I could understand, it needs the graphics engine to provide some additional depth related information to be passed in each Frame for the new ASW algorithm to work more efficiently. Unless I am wrong, IPACS has developed its own, SUPERB, graphics engine and now the question is whether it does or it will support the new Oculus ASW v2.0 algorithm? Any thoughts from the developers?

  • Thanks Guys for you responses. I thought at first it was just me as I read nothing of it any where.

    AFS2 is such a great SIM for VR and IPACS is alway saying they will only release something that doesn't hinder the playability of game. Which is interesting because this does. And did the buildings alway have reflections on windows or is that new, because something has suddenly put damper on the Frame Rate.

  • Just to clarify, since reading through this again I realize it may not be obvious... ASW (asynchronous spacewarp) is not an IPACS thing, it is a function built into the Rift, and operates the same way on any game. If your framerate consistently falls below 90fps, ASW activates, which locks the framerate at 45fps and then the Rift software interpolates the missing frames to get it back up to 90fps. The interpolation algorithms have to deal with both estimating your positional movements as well as time-based movements, so they aren't always perfect. That's why you see the odd distortions in certain repeating patterns like parallel lines and edges.

    Again, double check your graphics settings. It's possible you had them set some other way before, and a recent update might have reset them to higher values. The issue could other be a performance drop of FS2, or some outside factor with your PC that is affecting the performance. FWIW, the R-22 does seem to be a bit more resource intensive than the other aircraft.