Game freezes

  • Hi Jan,

    I have lately the same problem. VR or 2D doesn't make much difference. Indeed only over user created sceneries, but before the last update all those sceneries didn't have problems.

    i7-6700k @4.00 Ghz

    GTX 1070 latest driver

    16 GB

    Win 10

    When going into the task manager while frozen, I see that Fs2 eats more than 10 GB RAM

    Last line in the tm.log before freezing:

    ERROR: (no shader assigned: geometry='rwy' -> snh='')

    This error I find at least 10 times in the tm.log. BUT, yesterday I was flying at least one hour over the same scenery and the error didn't show up at all.


  • Yes i use Windows 10 and i have Aerofly fs2 on Steam. I flew with the A320 in the Swiss scenery with ORBX swiss cultivation. The drivers are up to date

  • Do you have the additional cultivation from orbx installed or is it still just the default DLC?

    Cultivation from drassaud, combined with some from orbx (Bern) but also forests built myself from osm data. Attached tm.log happened near Speck with just original cultivation (trees from IPACS) and buildings from drassaud. However the plane was the dhc1.

    It also happened that the sim did not even start but hung. The task manager showed how the RAM slowly filled up to the available 32gb but nothing happened. Unfortunately all these events were not reproducable, they just happend, but several times.


    • tm.log

      (48.34 kB, downloaded 43 times, last: )

    Best regards,


    i7-6700K @ 4.0 GHz, Geforce GTX 1080, 32MB RAM, 500 GB SSD, 1 TB SSD, 1TB HD, 32" Monitor 4K, Oculus Rift

  • I got a single freeze last night which I would not normally report but it was with open gl not vulkan.

    Approaching pay add on Monterey from the north,

    level at 6,000 feet,

    broken cloud, base slightly below 6,000 feet,


    location about 060 degrees and 24 miles from the Salinas VOR (east of Hollister airport),

    heading about 150,


    Salinas VOR (117.30), 31 ILS (108.50) and UAD ndb (263) tuned in and displayed using the LearJet NAV selector button and NAV/ADF knobs.

    Manual flying, heading knob and bug used only, no autopilot or flight director usage.

    Freeze occurred just after selecting between Salinas VOR obs settings 287 to and 107 to using the mouse and precisely as I tried to change the heading bug using a joystick switch, the bug did not move and FS2 was frozen.

    Win 10, 2 core at 4.2 GHz, gtx 950 2GB, ddr3 8GB,

    fresh boot.

    No other program running.

    No non steam official FS2 files used.

    FS2 graphics mix of medium and high, no trees.

    Ctrl + alt + delete was required to try task manager which did not work, I got the blue FS2 loading image. Windows restart was necessary. I restarted FS2 and did not keep the log file.