Why I don't get 90fps in Pimax 5k+ in New York?

  • I can get 90fps in Insbruck and orbix true Netherlands but I can't in New York. My fpsvr says 6.85ms in my gpu and 8,5 in my cpu. My maximun thread is 72%. Why can't I get more than 75-80fps if I am below 11ms?

    Pitool 1, Steam 46 and in game 1.

    In other sceneries I can have in game at 1,35 and get 90fps.

    Many thanks

  • New York is also the most demanding scenery with my Odyssey+. I just assume its all the 3D Models rather than Autogen. I typically change my quality settings as buildings to medium, trees to medium, shadows low when flying New York for best performance.

    Yes, that’s the cause. Mostly custom buildings, not autogen.

  • Yes, that’s the cause. Mostly custom buildings, not autogen.

    But if we still have enough room in our gpu and cpu... why? I would understand what you say if my ms were more than 11ms and besides that FS2 is using vulkan that allow to have much more drawcalls than dx11 or opengl.

  • For me new York runs very smooth, (settings all ultra) my only problem scenery is netherlands true earth, all other orbx sceneries run smoothly.(I have everything that orbx has made for aerofly)

    But with netherlands true earth my humble 970 gTx runs out of memory.

    I only use vulkan.