Video tutorial: How to import 3D Models using Sketchup and MCX

  • Import models into AF2 Video: How to import 3D Models Video

    Programs you will need: Sketchup / Model Converter X / Notepad ++

    Files included: 3D Model

    Not mentioned in video: How to edit content convert output location.

    1. Right click "content_converter_config" open with Notepad++

    2. Change to desired file location Picture Example

    Note: This is my way of the process. There are indeed different/better workflows while doing this. Folder organisation is up to you. Also this is not a tutorial on how to use Sketchup (Youtube has all those answers.) Please have and use common computer knowledge otherwise you're gonna have a bad time ;). Alot of trial and error on top of that.. Repeat trial and error.

    Basic written step by step

    1. Create or open a model in SketchUp MAKE 2017

    2. Set your Geo Location for the model (file/Geo location/add location)

    3. Make sure the model has no colors, just textures.

    4. Export the model as a .DAE(collada) file (file/Export/3D Model/ Collada)

    5. Open the .DAE file in ModelConverterX

    6. Next is to edit and convert textures:

    Click Material Editor, Textures tab, now click resize to the power of 2;

    Next click Drawcalls Tab, Predict Drawcalls, Minimize Drawcalls;

    Go back to Textures tab, right click each texture and remove Alpha, then click Prefix all with model name;

    Finally save textures as BMP.

    7. Export Object as AF2 TGI format

    Tutorial was made in hopes to better everybody in the Aerofly community. Please feel free to provide any additional information.

    Special thanks to Kloot and Rodeo for the information.

    Next step:

    Tutorial: How To Create 3D Model Night Textures

    Good luck!

  • Thanks, that´s exactly what I was looking for. So the Geo Location is hardcoded into the model before it is converted? I´ll see if that works out well, some buildings and structures need to be placed very exactly, elevation might also be a problem with high definition meshes to avoid floating buildings. In FSX/Prepar3d there was a nice tool called Instant Scenery that let you place your model directly within the simulator and then compiled a .bgl file that you could place into your scenery library. Worked like a charm, but unfortunately it´s no longer available for the latest version of the simulator. If someone could build a tool like that for Aerofly it would make things so much easier.

    Thanks again,


  • So the Geo Location is hardcoded into the model before it is converted?

    I can tell you in .dae format, using geo location keeps the model in the correct orientation of the specific location you choose. Just as long as you make your Longitude Latitude position in .TSC file the same as your center axis position in Sketchup. There was also a method of exporting the model from Sketchup as a .KMZ file which I believe makes it hardcoded into model, but to be honest I never really tested that out yet. As far as a map editor that would let you create a map like that in game, that would be the cats meow for Aerofly!