• Hello,

    I just played a round Aetofly FS2019. And now I’m asking myself, will the devs update the game? Or will they do it like the last game? I mean we payed 8€/$, and I think we should get more content for that price than just clouds and 2 planes. Don’t understand me wrong but I think if they add stuff. Like a multiplayer, infinite flight etc. did the same and Are very popular. It’s a great game! But I just hope you don’t forget about it like you did in Aerofly fs2. You said there will be more content. But we never got it. We waited 1 year for a bug fix...:( PLEASE DONT FORGET AEROFLY2019:rolleyes:=O=O

  • You paid 8€ for a sophisticated flight simulator with dozens of airports and several planes. While its desktop sibling cost around 50€, admittedly with more features.

    I mean, come on guys, you think the world is for free?

    Nevertheless, I hope for future updates, too, but we are not talking about Microsoft or Google here with thousends of developers. And Aerofly FS is certainly more complex than Angry Birds...

    Sometimes I really feel those developers deserve a little more respect than just adding items to a wishlist that can never be satisfied.

  • I agree