Lear 45 Checklist

  • So, I'm not 100% sure if anyone has made a normal procedures checklist specifically for the Lear 45 in Aerofly FS2 yet...

    But I decided to make one myself after flying the airplane for a considerable amount of time, and studying the Wiki for the Lear in Aerofly. (very helpful)

    It should be noted that if there is a system on the aircraft that isn't modeled yet in the sim, I didn't acknowledge it as a system in the checklist. (Except for the Before Start Checklist because sometimes I pretend that I am starting the engines. :S)

    Anyways, hopefully someone will find it useful.

    Hi everyone, I reformatted the checklist to fit on one page. It should be more convenient now for anyone who wishes to print it out and use it.

    Enjoy! :)