Oculus Rift and reading glasses

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    I'm new to the VR Brotherhood. Unfortunately, I do not manage to get the cross sharp when setting up the Oculus. I use reading glasses. With these glasses I get the vertical sharp, without glasses the horizontal one. Not together. Accordingly, of course, the "visual acuity" in the games. Maybe someone can help me. Otherwise, I bring the glasses back. Does the position I am in when setting up the goggles have anything to do with the installation process? Do I have to be exactly at the intersection of the two sensors? Or is it enough to be in the displayed area?



  • I use reading glasses but I also need distance glasses. I think its mainly the distance factor for me as the focal point of the rift is 2 metres. How well do you see at 2m without glasses? Try these guys for optical inserts.


  • Don't give up so quickly, vr is great. Install it and check it when you are in cockpit how it is. Then move on from there. Giving back the hmd should only be your last option.

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  • If you are near sighted you will need (far sighted) glasses with VR. If you are far sighted you don't need glasses with VR, certainly not reading glasses. So the OP shouldn't need glasses in VR.

    With VR you are virtually looking into the distance: some people make the mistake thinking the glasses are very close to your eyes so you need reading glasses if you need those IRL. You don't. I am near sighted and need my regular glasses in VR. If you can't get the lines sharp without glasses (in your case) you probably need to check and adjust the distance between the lenses.

    If you are happy without VR that's okay though: I prefer my TrackIR over VR. ;)

  • I think the OP made it clear that he can't have the horizontal and vertical sharp at the same time.

    So he must have done something wrong. Which is why I suggested to check the space between the lenses. Well, I suggested this for anyone reading this because the OP doesn't have the VR glasses anymore. ;)