Italy and Austria Cultivation

  • Looking at the remainder of Northern Italy the satellite images offered by both GE and Bing are of such poor quality that I'm going to turn to the south.

    The cultivation is very good but sitting on poor quality scenery its not on for me.

    Watch out this weekend for Cortona in Central Italy to start completing this area south of Arezzo already made in my part of Central Italy.


  • Hi Michael,

    i'm Silvano Peroni from Italy.

    You did an astounding job!

    I ask you a favor.

    I live in Riva del Garda, the north side of Garda Lake.

    You made cultivation (an incredible Job) in the north of Italy which I downloaded in particular the area of Verona (great, I can see the Arena!), Brescia and Milano.

    I desperately ask you complete the north side at least the area till Trento (LIDT Mattarello airport) including the north of Garda Lake (better if you could reach Bolzano).

    Your work with cultivation together with Aeroscenery Release made flyng ad good as real! (in my country! :)).

    I'll check Milan with both add on and I will report later!

    Many thanks in advance.


  • Hello again Silvano,

    Thank you for the map, only a small area then;).

    I will have to check out what I have made so far to get this new area to blend OK.

    I stopped doing the North of Italy because both Google and Bing satellite images are very poor quality. What images did you use?

    Hopefully I will get back to you in a few days as I'm very busy cutting grass and painting 23 windows and 5 doors, so much for being retired:)


  • You're fantastic!

    Yes, these are great, i can fly from Mattarello (LIDT) to Boscomantico (LIPN) with Riva del Garda (my city) as WayPoint.

    I can also fly to north towards Innsbruck LOWI (i bought scenery)

    Thank you so much!

    Waiting for the files!


  • They are now live!

    You did a Gorgeous work Michael!

    Thank you so much.

    Now i have a question, maybe i misunderstood some things.

    Cultivations are only trees and vegetation?

    I try to explain.

    From Venice to Verona there are houses, buildings and factories with red, gray and white roofs.

    These building are all in 3D.

    In all other scenery, there are no 3D buildings.

    Is something about autogen?

    Lights seems ok at night.

    How can i have 3D buildings in other area?

    Many thanks Michael

  • Hi!

    I had the same Problem with the missing buildings. Copy the texture folder of the first italian cultivation (i think it is the area venice to verona) to the other italian cultivation folders and you will see 3d buildings.

    Have fun!

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  • Hi Christian and Michael,

    i realized it 2 day ago!

    I found the folder Buliding_textures (or similar name) in download folder and i remembered i had to copy in each folder.

    Well... it's fantastic!

    The whole Garda Lake and my city in gorgeous 3D ^^.

    Thx so much guys!.



    so, without timeline...

    ^^ I have to land at LOWI!

    Thank you again!

  • Hi Christian and Silvano. It was my mistake, I forgot about the "building_textures" file. I have been caught out on that one many times before.

    On my uploads there are two offerings of "building_textures" although I prefer the lighter coloured roofs for Italy as they blend much better with the Google Earth satellite images. This was courtesy of "Rodeo" who I acknowledge again for his commitment to FS 2.

    Kindest Regards to all, Michael.

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