Something special. Ercoupe 415 for AFS2. Wheels, floats and skis

  • I have been doing some early beta testing of a classic e415 Ercoupe on skis. They are still a bit confused between the water off Key West and the snow in the mountains of Sion, but the fun factor is stuck on 5+. This is one of the many models intended for AFS2 designed by krzyzk.

    The Ercoupe is a pre WWII design with a unique inter-connection of the flight controls to totally eliminate the use of rudder pedals. Every landing is basically a controlled crash until you get used to the feel and sound of touchdown. It was always interesting to watch students or passengers just prior to touchdown in a stiff crosswind. You couldn't crab without rudder input so you just guided the Ercoupe to a spot on the ground and held your breath as it did its thing and correctly pointed the propeller the direction you selected with the "steering wheel" - after hitting the ground.

    The e415 was advertised as the "Safest Airplane in the Air". uuh ok.

    When Pigs Fly.

    A steely-eyed Sierra Hotel record setting F-15E Strike Eagle simulator pilot. 8o

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  • Wow :), cannot wait to test this old little lady ;)... unfortunatelly only with skis, and not the allround classic retractable wheels/ski combi.... but I’m confident that one day....8o

    Keep on the good work ! Congrats

  • I just received a nice new package with two additional Ercoupe415 variants. We now have standard wheels and floats (yes, you did indeed read that correctly - Floats). Although the interior is crystal clear and presents a very nice retro image, not much happens when you flip the switches or try to close the canopy. Maybe that will be coming soon. But, having wheels and floats is a blast. I immediately headed out to Dry Tortugas to see if I could wake up the manatees. Yes, beautiful scenery, and I have found an area that supports basic float landings, just no splashing.

    Here are a few images showing off the new appendages. 8o

    Rodeo and our special FSCP group built us a private dock at Dry Tortugas for our new float planes. We are looking for some volunteers to handle the lines. Maybe we can add some animated characters tomorrow. They could be standing on the dock waving us in for a cold beer. 8o

    Does anyone have a link to a few static float planes for AFS2? It would be nice to populate our new dock with some activity. Or better yet, can you convert some our these new float planes from krzysk to statics. Counting all the liveries we must have 7 or 8 now between the Ercoupe 415 and the Cub Special.



    When Pigs Fly.

    A steely-eyed Sierra Hotel record setting F-15E Strike Eagle simulator pilot. 8o

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