• Is it just me or has there been more atmospheric haze added . I've had the sim for a few years and one thing I was really impressed with was how real the sky looked . Having just returned from a long flight up the west coast ,I noticed in real life ( at least at this time of year) there was much more visibility to the horizon than in the sim . Is there a way to reduce the haze ? Maybe it should be on a slider in the weather menu.

  • There is a slider to adjust the amount of haze you want. condition/clouds/visibility

    And yes, there was an old bug in the visibility setting for quite some time which has been fixed a few updates ago.

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  • Does aerofly put haze in specific areas? Even with high visibility and no clouds some areas always have haze, I haven't flown in these areas in real life so don't know if it's realistic. Just wondering if it's area specific eg LA probabbly does always have haze, does aerofly simulate this regardless of your settings?

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