Can it be done

  • We have several superb addon apps that bring so much extra to FS2, from airports to scenery to extra objects to cultivation to photo maps

    So, thinking outside the box for a moment, though some might think I should be in a box....=O

    Is there anyway we could bring all these together under one killer app. Maybe some of our extremely talented programmers could get together and manufacture a wrapper program that does just this


  • The "experts" have done it for XP-11, you use one utility which builds the photo scenery and as an option add cultivation, clever stuff!


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  • There may be a box, BUT it can never be a black box.

    Given the various technology constraints every scenery development effort is a compromise.

    Every scenery developer will push the compromise in different directions.

    Commercial scenery developers compromise on image resolution to keep the DLC size manageable.

    Do you want high detail even at the risk of color imbalance, or is color corrected imagery paramount over resolution.

    Some hobbyists focus on trees , others on autogen buildings, or highly detailed airports.

    Any wrapper needs to have sufficient hooks that additional or alternate steps can be worked into the process.

    Coming up with a flexible plug and play architecture is no small task.


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  • It already would be a great help, if nickhod could fetch OSM data according to his tiles with AeroScenery.

    Then call ScenProc and osm2AFSobject with ajusted parameters afterwards.

    Of cause additional work has to flow into these "adjustments" (selection of needed objects and exclusion from Scenproc).

    Also a model library with free objects have to be built up.

    This will not be an ideal optimized scenery, but much more then the avarage user will be able to develop.

  • In the X-Plane world, there are two main scenery creation apps: Ortho4XP and World2XPlane

    The rationale for keeping apps like that separate is content licensing and target users.

    Lots of people need to use an AeroScenery / Ortho4XP type tool as orthophotos can't be redistributed easily.

    Cultivation / autogen, on the other hand, can be redistributed. In the X-Plane world it very much is with certain sites providing high quality pre-made autogen for many parts of the world. There's no need for most X-Plane users to bother creating their own autogen.

    After giving it some thought, I feel like cultivation generation is always going to be a power user feature, with regular users just downloading pre-made cultivation.

    With that said, to generate my cultivation I built a homemade tool call Cultivation Compiler. It's a re-implementation of World2XPlane for Aerofly.

    It's not ready for prime-time yet, but I hope to release it at some point this year (with a GUI).

    A GUI wrapper around Scenproc and OSM2Object would definitely help some people out, but I just can't take that on personally at the moment.

    (Unless someone hires me to work on this stuff full time :))

  • Steve, you mean something like a package manager? So you just tick your boxes for airports, scenery, planes and other add-ons to install, uninstall or update? Maybe even with a small description for every package, or even a picture?

  • Something that will help navigate all the little bits that make up the big picture.

    I have been busy with my next project and loose track of just what the sim can offer. To be honest I hardly ever use the sim as modelling takes up so much time but then I look at some pictures, see all the improvements and think, so where do I start. I know the packages are available but they all take time to learn the ropes.

    New users must also feel the same so we need to make things easier. I just thought one place (program) to go to would help everyone