TrueEarth Netherlands 1.10 (AFS2) update available

  • Not that it is any consolation to those anxiously waiting for this release, but isn't it typical for Orbx products to show up on Steam at least a week or more after release on Orbx direct? At least this seems to be the pattern with other products they have released. I would think it will be the same with service packs.

    A few threads on this forum and on Orbx forums have led to the recommendation to buy from Orbx direct and not on Steam if you want the most current releases sooner.

  • In the past with the experiences I already had with ORBX for FSX, I'm not going to hide it, and everyone knows that ORBX is a gas plant, and unfortunately the customer service is not?

    Steam can not provide an update if ORBX does not send it. Sorry, everyone is sending the ball away. After buying a product whatever the author or distributor should instantly be updated. Otherwise, ORBX should not offer products on platforms without a follow-up service. In the past they have already done with The FlightSim Store.



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  • I'm not really sure what the ruckus is about, honestly.

    In my experience with X-plane, DCS etc, there is always a delay between the original creator release and the Steam version.

    I'm not quite sure when that became controversial?

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