Need help with sdk data export to a .txt file to built a simple interim ATC solution with voicebot

  • Hello Flightimmers, i need help with the sdk data export. My idea is that with the voicebot voice recognition software its possible to read .txt files and use it as text to speech. A voicebot user has done it with elite dangerous log,txt file and its very impressive. When it was possible to write for example aircraftname, nearestairport and so on from the sdk example to a txt file we can built a simple ATC with voice recognition and a little bit of KI like behaviour, i know nickhod do a great job with voiceattack but voicebot with the ability to read .txt files is amazing. Maybe one of the experts like dr hotwing can help me with the code, i tried it with fstream and can create the txt file but was not able to get data to the txt file with the file << command. im not a programmer but i tried my best, maybe somecone can correct the code or give me a example or hint how to get for example the aircraftname to the .txt file.

    thanks Volker


    // parse the message list

    std::ofstream file;"c:/datentest/daten.txt");

    using namespace std;

    tm_double Aircraft_Altitude;

    tm_string Aircraft_NearestAirport;

    tm_vector3d aircraft_position;

    for ( const auto &message : MessageListReceive )


    const auto sh = message.GetStringHash().GetHash();

    if ( sh == MessageAircraftPosition.GetID() )


    aircraft_position = message.GetVector3d();

    else if ( sh == MessageAircraftAltitude.GetID() ) // alternatively you can write -> if( message.GetStringHash() == "Aircraft.Altitude" )


    tm_double altitude = message.GetDouble();

    if (sh == MessageAircraftName.GetID() )

    tm_string Aircraft_Name = message.GetString();

    tm_string Aircraft_Name = message.GetString();

    file << Aircraft_Name;


  • Writing to a textfile on the harddrive and then reading the same file from another application is probably the slowest possible way to transfer data between them and can potentially create a lot of lag. Just imagine if one application is over-writing the file whilst the other is reading it. Is there no other way to send the data output directly to the text-to-speech software? Maybe it has an application interface that allows you to directly send in data.

  • Hello Jan, thank you for your fast response yes i know its the slowest way, but if the data is uptaded ervery 30 seconds it was fast enough for me, the other reason for the txt file ist that voicebot uses direct text to speech so if i ask for example nearest airport voicebot reads the txt file and answer for example "aircraftname "the nearest airport is "nearestairport", unfortunately there is no other way i know in voicebot.