A huge thank you to IPACS

  • Hello everyone,

    I just created an account on this forum just to make a huge thank you to the IPACS team. I discovered AFS2 a few weeks ago and I am always amazed by the quality of the software.

    I practice almost only helicopters and after seeing tons of screenshots more sexy than the others in the reviews of Sergio Costa (on http://www.helisimmer.com) I took the step. I was quite skeptical because for me the future of the simulation was inevitably around P3D and especially XP and it was difficult for a challenger to invite himself to the table. Especially from a small company .. big mistake!

    I knew that AFS2 was famous for its VR support but I did not think the 3D engine was so good. For years my old machine has more than suffered with XP10 and then XP11 (despite an upgrade to 16 GB of RAM and a GTX 1060). But here with AFS2 I can put all the settings to maximum with a very good framerate, I feel that my machine has rejuvenated 5 years! :)

    The second slug was the test of the R22, what a wonder! Its expert / profi mode is really impressive. To resume, if I go back to fly with the B206 on X-Plane I feel like I'm playing an 90's arcade game!

    My 3rd slap was about the quality of the scenes (helped by the quality of the 3D engine). Out of the box there is only a part of the US West Coast but with an incredible quality. I then bought New York, Chicago and Innsbrück, which are even more impressive. For the scenes produced by ORBX it's not so surprising because they have experience and a lot of employees who are dedicated to that... but I'm really amazed to see the quality of the scenes produced directly by IPACS (US West Coast and New York City).

    In short a big thank to you IPACS, you are my best surprise for a long time :thumbup:

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