Turbo Arrow soon on Aerofly FS2

  • We don't know yet. We would like to keep the current panel for now and we can't promise that the GPS device will be added to some of our default aircraft. This hasn't been decided yet. We'll see if it is received well from the JustFlight customers.

    Hi Jan,

    I sincerely applaud this positive development. Well done.

    However, I respectfully suggest that your proposed approach to feedback might be worth re-considering.

    Here's where I am coming from. To wait for feedback on the GNS instrument from the customers of an addon, will limit the feedback to those who buy that addon. It will not give you feedback from AFS2 users who have no interest in that particular addon.

    Allow me to use myself as an illustration. I am a fan of AFS2, and an even bigger fan of JustFlight. BUT I did not buy the JustFlight Duchess because the aircraft itself does not appeal to me. Had you put the GNS in the Duchess, I would not be able to give feedback on it because I was not a customer of the Duchess.

    In comparison, putting the GNS into an existing default aircraft will potentially open up the doors to feedback from all existing purchasers of AFS2. This would provide the possibility for greater feedback on the GNS, and also make it easier to tweak things (if needed) in the development of the instrument without implicating JustFlight if something does need to be changed.

    I hope this makes sense. It is not a criticism, rather a different perspective on the proposed approach to feedback.

    Keep up the positive development on these core features of AFS2. It is a very evident step in the right direction.



  • I could be wrong, but when I hear that it might not come to default craft, I think it's a way to differentiate from payware craft and make those offerings more desirable, which is fine.

    Of course in the real world, within months people will find a way to add it to default planes anyway, so.....


    Simmers are like that.

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    I'm not ruling out adding it to the default aircraft, in fact I would be for adding it to numerous default aircraft but consider the people that want the cockpit with the current set of instruments we can't just take that away. So we would have to look into ways to provide both and that takes time to develop as well.

    Anyway this thread is not here to discuss the future plans of IPACS and I'm glad that you're all very excited about the interactive GPS.

    I'm sure we will see several other users include this to their aircraft or a modified dr400.

  • You should also consider that a working GPS in a default aircraft also helps advertising Aerofly as a "serious" simulator which some people still don't seem to believe despite its achievements and brilliant flight physics. The moving map looks a little arcady to my taste and does not have a representation in the real world, while all other avionics are modeled to represent their real world counterpart. Maybe just add it to the Cessna and provide two options in the aircraft selection screen, C172 with GNS and C172 with standard moving map.

    I also don't think that implementing the GNS makes the aircraft less accessible to casual or new players. If you create the flight plan in the Aerofly navigation menu you'll see it on the default GNS page and if you don't need to change something you don't even have to touch the GNS controls at all. In FSX and P3D I "followed the magenta line" for years without knowing anything about how the unit really works until I got more involved in the complexities of general aviation and tried to make sense of the different functions, which later led to me buying the Reality XP GNS 530 Addon and a hardware GNS unit for my homecockpit. But even if you just want to fly a route without worrying about real navigation the GNS lets you do that by just providing the path that you need to follow.

  • Maybe just add it to the Cessna and provide two options in the aircraft selection screen, C172 with GNS and C172 with standard moving map.

    I also don't think that implementing the GNS makes the aircraft less accessible to casual or new players.

    Why no use the R22 "pro" or non pro checkbox?

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  • Why no use the R22 "pro" or non pro checkbox?

    For some reason IPACS doesn't seem fond of that approach. Another use of that area is cold'n'dark start but they didn't want to do that for the Duchess.

  • Well, no need for the checkbox, you can have 2 versions of the C172 in the library, just like we did for Jan's mod...

    Adding the GNS to the DR400 is a good idea (even if it's a rather high standard compared to other instruments of that version). The fact is, it is not as easy as in FS where you just assign and place gauges in a panel.cfg file.

    For AFS2, you have to design the 3D model of the GNS frame with screen, knobs and buttons, integrate them to the panel of the 3D model then trial and error to rename all parts in order to match the objects and definitions used for the Arrow.

    Eventually, pick the code from the Arrow TMD file and trial and error to adapt it to the DR400.

    Without technical information and dedicated tools you're just working blind...



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  • I think it is helpful for the success of outside developers if a pay add-on has a (at least temporary) sweetener. The big issue is the progression of the program and anything that moves more pay add-ons helps the FS series to thrive against the competition.

    It is brilliant seeing instrument panel features being introduced, I don’t need more scenery for a while and seeing opening cargo doors and the like does not enhance the simulation of controlling an aeroplane in flight.

    I remember the introduction of light aircraft area navigation and looked at the G.A. Decca navigator with awe, it only cost $1,500/£1,100 and could store ten programable waypoints providing they were in the Decca coverage area. Loran was available in America for longer. They became available at affordable prices only because the speed of electronic computation increased and fell in price. My new-to-me Garmin 55 AVD gave me new problems, a runway from 15 miles out and precisely lined up became a thin perfect rectangle near the horizon, hard to identify!

    Can the Aerofly GPS unit be made to accept lat’ and long’ inputs please.

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    Can the Aerofly GPS unit be made to accept lat’ and long’ inputs please.

    Not yet but you can enter any other waypoint that is in the database by name.

    And you could go back to the location dialog and then add a custom waypoint and drag that around until your coordinates are correct.

    Not sure why you need this?

  • Kai, The wait is long, in addition to these heat waves that we have had in recent weeks, I can not wait any longer ...;(||:P:P8)

    Best wishes 😉


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