DHC-1 Chipmunk coming along also

  • Ha. 8o (private joke)

    I finally put the brakes on long enough to let the canopy fully open. Does anyone else think the prop animation needs some tweaking? I know it is suppose to turn backwards from my point of view, but it just seems to move too slow, or is that slowly? Nice basic little trainer though.

    Kenneth, I hate to pour water on your parade, cause I know you do love the Chipmunk, but I doubt we could convince Just Flight to make this one of their premiere ports over to AFS2. I know there are also some people asking for the Cessna because we all have fond memories of our first basic trainer. I do too but, I'm thinking they just aren't advanced enough for appeal to the masses, and we need massive support to keep 3rd party developers adding more models for AFS2 at this time.

    But, just about every time I load up one of Mr. K's update another feature has been added. Several models now have a 3D pilot and better animation of the canopy sliding open and closed.

    8o8o :huh::rolleyes:



  • I think out best bet might be to find more advanced models of the Chipmunk and C-152 in the freeware bin, hopefully with a VC already in place, and then find one of our local developers with a common interest to make it happen. As it seems to work out, those precious few with the talents to conquer the porting process are also the busiest ones with full time jobs and families to raise.

    I remember a very realistic Cessna 150 or 152 from a French private developer that may be a potential candidate for the porting over. I will beat the bushes and see what it out there for the DHC-1.

    Us old farts that keep making suggestions and asking for more and more are mostly retired with time on our hands. Just doesn't seem fair, does it? ||:/8|



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  • I found a free C-152 from Just Flight (insider edition) for FSx. Looks like it may have been an early payware a hundred years ago, not sure, but it is free now. I will keep looking for a Chipmunk.


    When Pigs Fly. A steely-eyed Sierra Hotel record setting F-15E Strike Eagle simulator pilot. 8o

    ready for some voices in the sky? now available . . . Aerofly FS2 RC ATC https://afs2rcatc.com/

  • Just Flight did the basic research and got the 1940s vintage directional gyro right. They also do the peculiar to the era ‘upside down’ two needle turn and slip indicator and the ‘British’ 1940s ship style horizontal magnetic whiskey compass. The instrument panel would be pleasing for FS2 users who highly value the aeroplane component of this splendid simulator.

  • Hi Ray...

    The JF Chippie is a thing of beauty to be sure.

    I agree with what you say regarding the need to create popular aircraft to stimulate interest in AFS2. I also know there was a pretty good freeware Chipmunk that I flew for years before JF launched their one. If memory serves, it was for FS2004, and by Rick Piper. If that made it over to AFS2, it would be a great move.

    And you know what is interesting? Last week I located the actual airframe that I first flew in back in 1972. It is in the USA now. Now, I just need to sell a few hundred thousand copies of my book this year and I can buy it off the current owner!

    Funny Chipmunk story that will appeal to you... The title of the definitive book on the Chipmunk includes the words, "The poor man's Spitfire." Apparently, a real Chipmunk pilot had to hold for a real Spitfire on short finals. Someone took a picture, and the caption was, "I had to wait for some B****** in their rich man's Chipmunk"

    Back to the current free AFS2 Chipmunk. There seems to be another version (Towing Chipmunk) on Mr K's original site. The canopy is better modeled, more angular and not rounded like the current one. I wonder if this would fly in AFS2?



  • Good for you Ray.. That is the model I was thinking about. There are a lot of great models on that site, just imagine if someone can crack the process of converting these older (and still very good) FS2004 or even FSX models over. I am sure there are major differences in terms of physics, but I am almost certain the currently-available Ercoupe was originally for the FSX platform.

    - Kenneth