Another new grass airport in So. Florida dlc

  • Well sorta new. I enhanced a real world neighborhood grass strip with additional cultivation and added it to the ever increasing fsCP airports. You will need to have the South Florida DLC already installed and then download FA35 Lindbergh airport at The airport is in Southwest Miami in the shadow of the Miami Executive Airport.

    I am using the existing grass which is smooth and naturally colorful with no bumps or tripping hazards. I have a mixture of IPACS cultivation and fsCP airport objects. To retain the grass surface you need to delete a small rap1400m40m_rwy.tmb file after you install the airport files. Look near the bottom of the file list and delete or rename the 4 KB tmb file.

    The 4,000 ft x 70 ft runway will handle most any of our general aviation airplanes but is extra nice for most of our new freeware taildraggers. The screenshot just happen to be using the Ercoupe 415, my favorite of the day, but then I realized the Ercoupe has not been released to the public yet. duh.

    A nice scenic flight is to fly South from Lindbergh to Tavernaero Park, the other grass airport in the DLC, then NE to Ocean Reef Club and back to Lindbergh. If you have the optional Towers v2.0 and the early release animated traffic demo installed the round robin will look very different from the usual still and static view. Lots of moving cars and boats and watch for those tall towers if you are flying low and slow.

    Between Ocean Reef and Lindbergh you will fly over the Turkey Creek Nuclear Power Plant area just North of big bright green rectangle - that is the waste water in-ground cooling system. You might actually miss seeing the power plant since the DLC builders overlooked the large tanks and towers and such that would identify it as a major power plant. :rolleyes:



  • Drassaud,

    Notice that I am the author of this airport at fsCP and the one a few miles away. I can't add grass though. The Lindbergh comes with nice grass. The DLC skipped these two small airports.


    Sorry Ray, I didn’t want to infringe on your work, I published it because I did it differently with more cultivation.

    But if you want I can delete it...