3D OBJECTS LIBRARY folder on flightsim.org???

  • With Stu's ObjectGen utility creating lots of new possibilities, it would be helpful to have a 3D OBJECTS LIBRARY folder over on the flightsim.org site to make it easier to find and share new user-created objects. Who can add that folder?

  • Higgy probably will make one on request

    But before that, we should think about the structure.

    Should there be a picture per object?

    Should there be a sub section for specific items like pylons boats cars churches chimneys refinery objects?

    Could there be a possibility to download a complete group in one go?

    What do you think?

  • Will definitely want a picture - either 1 per object or a "family" portrait. I think users will also want the skp file (in addition to the tmb/ttx files) in case they want to re-size it or make tweaks / additions / texture changes, etc.

    I don't think we need subsections - just need to encourage tags with any uploads to making searching easy.

  • I wanted to suggest exactly the same, a object library may be split into airport / non Airport objects. Another important issue is copyright. Every modeler should state if it's a own model or converted from somewhere else and where the textures are from. Otherwise we'd risk the whole library getting removed.

  • What about copyright?

    Will 3D warehouse allow to publish models from their site in another public database?

    Is a tmb model less critical?

    You beat me to it, I'm also worried about copyright. To be honest the best way is to create models from scratch yourself, because of copyright issues and because many of the 3D warehouse models are not performance optimized for flight simulation, too many vertices, too many small textures and materials, too many unnecessary details for a model that's probably only seen from a few hundred feet away.

  • Will 3D warehouse allow to publish models from their site in another public database?

    The 3d warehouse terms of use are quite flexible.

    From the terms of use FAQ

    "Can I download a model, modify it and then upload the modified model as my own?

    Answer: Yes, but note that the unmodified version will still be owned by the original developer. The original developer will also continue to own any unmodified portions of the original model you include in your model.

    You can modify and redistribute. the original authors retains ownership of the unmodified portions"

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  • If one creates a model, no copyright issue (not sure on textures taken from photographs yet modified (stretched, cropped, etc..)). If one downloads a model from the 3D warehouse, modifies it, then it's like one's own model, no copyright issue, "technically". It doesn't mean the original author will not say something or have an issue if you like change a minor thing, but legally speaking there shouldn't be any issue. Use your own judgment.

    It is however pretty much understood that if one uploads a model to the 3D warehouse, it's pretty much in public domain.

    I have a few models that I created that I'm willing to share, and anyone is welcome to do whatever they feel like with them.

  • When no changes are make, we can add only the links ...so I see no problem.

    When we download and change ..best is to ask the (pre)owner ...but I think we make no money with it, everone should be say .. OK :)

    But asking costs no money.