Never find Aerofly so amazing before

  • I had flown Aerofly PC version for nearly two years with my old laptop before. With its Nivida MX150 GPU and 8GB RAM, I can still run all scenery except NL TE with high graphic settings at 30fps+. But can only run X-plane 11 with minimum graphics setting at around 25fps and mantain for at most half an hour before the computer get too hot.

    Last week I bought a new laptop with RTX 2070MQ GPU and 16GB RAM with a 144Hz display. Today I finally finish my download (it’s really slow to download Aerofly from steam) and had a try a moment ago, only to be astonished! This laptop is not a top one but can still run ANY scenery at 100fps+ with all ultra (+insane shadow) stably in Aerofly. It looks amazing on an 144Hz screen. On contrary, due to CPU limit, I can only run around 25fps with a medium-high graphics in XP11. And the graphics quality itself is far worse than aerofly.

    I just want to say thank you to all members of IPACS for presenting our players such an incredible Simulator. In the future, with more depth and features added, Aerofly will surely become my ONLY flight simulator. Really looking forward to that day!;)

  • I think AFS2 could get a big boost from all the new VR HMDs coming out this summer as it will probably be the only one that will still run at any kind of decent framerate.

    i7-7700K/Gigabyte RTX2080/Win10 64bit/32Gb RAM/Asus Xonar DX+ Beyer DT990 pro headphones/LG 34" UM65 @2560x1080/Rift CV1/TM Warthog+VKB MkIV Rudder pedals