New Nuke Power Plant for So. Florida dlc - A-Team project

  • The A-Team that brought you the Swiss Refineries scenery pack is at it again. This time in the boondocks and alligator country of South Florida. Seems like the DLC overlooked a nuclear power plant and an adjacent Park and Marina. In much less than a week the team already has the power plant nearing completion above ground, but are struggling with some surface scenery that can be freely distributed. We thought that would be USGS, but in the first cut, it looks as bad as the DLC for this area.

    We thought you might want to see something to account for our absence in the forums for the last few days. These are WIP screenshots and I have them sitting on Bing or Google for my beta viewing. Check out the individually hand-placed 800+ 3D cars in the parking lots, the super realistic reactor columns, the two tall stacks, all new custom buildings, transformer stations and full high voltage distribution lines with realistic pylons. How about all those custom tanks that look to be the real thing. Rust never looked so good?

    For those eagled-eyed observers, yes that is a active helipad on the back of the big yellow crane.

    This scenery may never see the light of day, but, then again, someone might come up with the fix for the ground scenery copyright issue.

    If all 5 pics are not visible, please let me know.


    More and more hd details added over the weekend.

  • Which one of the 12 are you driving today? Probably one of the orange ones?

    Hey Thomas,

    I was just observing that 'cultivation' truly is a huge improvement to a dlc area, but there is nothing quite like having the real thing. Whatta you think?

  • I would think something like this might be a huge boost to the dlc, what about you? Anyone else have an opinion on this? Just wondering. :/:S


    Cars, fences, power plants, high voltage distribution lines, water towers. My, my, what next? Animated traffic?

    Water towers, tv and communication towers, and other realistic features do make a difference.