High Resolution Texture Pack

  • Why can’t I find much difference after I installed the 58GB high resolution texture pack for SW USA DLC? Where are these high resolution photos applied?

    The image folder for USA (.../Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator/scenery/images/USA) is now 116GB, I believe this DLC has been successfully installed.

  • What expectations do you have of the high resolution? In this case, it means 1 sqm/pixel and not: You can read the car-signs! ^^

    I was expecting 1m resolution photos like those in Utah and Colorado but I doubt whether they are in this pack. It looks like about 2m/pixel which looks good at cruising altitude but not quite satisfying when approaching or taking off.

    Maybe it’s my installation problem. Is there any way I can reinstall a DLC in steam without needing to download the content again?

  • Theoretically yes, you can take manually the map-files from your Aerofly/scenery/images/usa - Folder. Start Aerofly, take a look, close and reinstall the Files in this folder. Take a look again. Or try it with a singel file; in this case Los Angelos: Try it only with the file "map_09_2c00_9980".

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