Difficulties in the download of Krzysk models

  • From the Web "https://github.com/krzysk1?tab=repositories", I downloaded, unzipped and copied the aircraft model: Long-ez, to the folder:

    Local Disk (C) \ Users \ Delfin \ My Documents \ Aerofly FS 2 \ Aircraft \ S211


    There, I found the folder "S211" of the Marchetti aircraft, which works correctly. As it did not work, I remembered that Ray had indicated the need to change the name of the folder. So I did, changing the name to "tango_master", getting identical results (it does not work either).

    I admitted the possibility that this model was very underdeveloped, (its files only indicated = 2.8 MB.), And I downloaded the "pipercub" [Piper PA-11], which I suppose is quite developed, (the sum of its files after decompressing, they indicated (28.8 MB.) The results are the same: it does not work.

    What did I do wrong?

    Regards: Delfin

  • How come that folder is called tango? Because the files in it are from the Piper Cub. Are you sure you didn't mix up some folders? You are talking about long-ez which you extracted to S211 tango-Master


    krzysk typed while I was typing. ;) So rename 'tango' to 'pipercub' and the pipercub should work. (The original folder name was 'pipercub-master'.)

    If you want to give the Long-EZ another go make sure the extracted folder name ends up as 'long_ez' (the original folder name was long_ez-master).

    Always only remove -master from the folder name and don't edit it in any other way.

  • Where did you get the name tango? There is no such model in my repository.

    I just explained it to J van E in the thread that he sent me after yours, that is, after doing the download, decompression and copying in the folder "Aircraft", that did not work.

    Then I remembered a post from Ray # 82 (from the tread "Some developments"). It literally said:

    "A good tip is to rename each of the aircraft folders with the -master in the folder." Not all work, but most.


    My interpretation of Ray's post was to modify the name of the folder, and I chose "tango"; that was the reason for that rename of the folder. What surprises me, is that Ray (a very precise and meticulous man), downloaded a lot of airplanes, some of which were his images in the forum and did not modify the text he had previously written.

    Clarified this detail, step to tell you my astonishment, the number of models that we can download in FS2, and that work very well. The first was the Piper Cub Special, which after a flight, I landed and a minute later, the engine stopped. But his response flying and in other manibras, responds much better than I expected.

    Looking at the list on GitHub, I found the airplane of my dreams: "Rutan Long-Ez". An airplane that had more than 20 years looking for it in "the big 3 of the aerial simulation", but I never found it.

    In this forum, on more than one occasion, I suggested the possibility of designing this plane (or any single-seater or two-seater Burt Rutan), but no one else demanded it. Given this perspective, it is very evident that finding and acquiring this plane was impossible.

    Before Pipercub worked for me, I quantified the sum of its files, totaling = 28.8 MB.

    The S-211 Marchetti, totaled = 38.2 MB. Given this possibility, I assumed that this PiperCub, could work quite well. Immediately, I downloaded the Long-Ez, which totaled = 2.67 MB. This amount made me assume wrongly, that almost certainly would not work, and if I did, it would be extraordinarily deficient.

    Once the Pipercub was installed and flown successfully, I went anxiously for the Rutan Long-Ez. When I saw him next to the Pipercub on FS2, I received great joy and excitement. At least the shell (his figure) was there. I placed it in Chicago (Meigs), and reviewed it externally and internally. The impression was magnificent, even with a very attractive instrument panel, large and in which the instruments show the parameters with sufficiently large numbers, which makes them very easy to read.

    Ready for the test: Progressively accelerate and ..., does not lift the nose, up to 70 knots, but your answer is good. So I flew over Chicago and especially Meigs Field (my favorite place). I was amazed by his behavior in flight, as well as in the landing. This coupled with its unique silhouette in the sky and on land, I produced a satisfaction and excitement, which many years ago did not feel so intensely flying a simulator.

    Finally, my dream (and the most unexpected) had been fulfilled: to have a "Rutan aircraft" with an extraordinary behavior, and also, in FS2 and with this magnificent resolution.

    I must finish; I apologize for having extended so much, but I assure you from the bottom of my heart, that you have made me very happy with this so desired, as unexpected acquisition. Yes, Krzysk, I am very grateful, for having given me the air toy so desired for so long, and in which I will spend hours fluttering differently to conventional airplanes, because the "canard", fly in another way, and this one does it too.

    For this magnificent gift that you have given me, receive an exciting hug:


    PS: These images show the beauty of this wonderful bird.

  • Delfin,

    The file size of an airplane folder can be deceiving. The Pipercub has more repaints than some of the others. The multiple liveries increases the folder size dramatically.

    Glad you are enjoying the planes.



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  • Hi, Ray

    Thank you very much for those good wishes of my enjoyment with this "bird-lottery" that unexpectedly has arrived to me. I assure you that for many years I did not have this pleasant feeling. I was always in love with Rutan's single-seater and two-seater; I finally got the plane that I most wanted, and I owe it to Krzysk's genius.

    Kind regards: Delfin