Where to find, how to download, freeware airplanes

  • To clarify the finding, selecting, downloading, renaming, and finally installing in AFS2 process for these freeware models.

    1. Go to GitHub using this link https://github.com/krzysk1

    2. Today there are more than 34 aircraft in the "public" area available for download and the number is growing

    3. If you click on "Repositories" at the top of the page the list will be sorted by the most recent addition first and descending. (You can see under the name how recent the most recent change was made)

    4. Select your choice of aircraft by clicking on the Blue Aircraft heading.

    5. Click on the green Clone or Download box or button near the right side of the page, then click blue Download Zip button.

    6. Save the zip file to a convenient location on your hard drive. (I suggest you make a dedicated folder to handle updates)

    7. Unzip the file. You can delete the zipped file now or not.

    8. Rename the unzipped folder that ends with -master by deleting all characters from the right including the - (dash)

    (Do not change the name of the folder to some personal choice.)

    9. Check that your new folder name is whatever you unzipped less the -master.

    10. Copy the entire folder to your . . username/documents/Aerofly fs2/aircraft folder.

    11. Repeat from step 1 for each freeware aircraft to wish to have.

    12. You can copy the unzipped and renamed folders one at a time or as a group to your /fs2/aircraft folder.

    13. Start Aerofly FS2 and click on the Select Aircraft button.

    14. Should the aircraft not be available for viewing and selecting, check that the folder is present and correctly named and restart AFS2 if necessary.

    You will want to check the available aircraft at GitHub often to see if there have been updates or new additions.

    When you install an update, it is simpler to delete the existing aircraft folder in your fs2/aircraft folder than copying over.


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