• First appearance at American air show:

    It would be neat to have that one (even better the marine one (VTOL). Although I'm curious how difficult it would really be since one cannot just rely on traditional physics models anymore for flight simulation, the airplane software has such a big part in flying behavior.

    Of course if one can implement all the airplane attitudes and vectoring, then pure physics would theoretically solve the rest (although heavy stall, and other non regular behavior may be tricky).

    Anyway just thinking out loud.

    And a nice A1 skyraider flight too!

  • This is one of the things were the aerofly engine is really able to shine. Thrust vectoring or tilt rotor aircraft is "easy" to do with the aerofly physics, all you would have to do is attach an engine at a hinged rigidbody (just like the wing is alread is hinging on the fuselage and the engines are already somewhat tilting as the wings bend)

    The hard part would be the controller for the thrust control to compute the necessary thrust for a roll, pitch or yaw during hover. Similar to how the engineers for the real aircraft had to do it.