Aerofly Fs 2019

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    Myself Pratik. It's very much embarassing that you are not working for Android. Cant wait more after you released the great update of functionable cockpits for Aerofly fs 2019 iOS. Please now can you please move on for working on Android it's my ernest request to you. I hope you will soon bring it for Android. Cant wait more to play it on Android.

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  • The Android platform is unfortunately extremely fragmented with respect to hardware capabilities and performance. Bringing Aerofly FS 2019 would only be possible on a few Android devices with Vulkan support right now.

    We hope that Vulkan will get standard on more devices so we can easily port Aerofly FS 2019.

  • Well but according to my opinion you should release it for android though having varying hardware capabilities as after releasing it you can completely get assured whether it will work perfectly or not. For Example-Aerofly Fs 2 runs smoothly on a 1gb RAM android smartphone (Nokia 1) also

  • I also appreciate your proposal AOB. I also have a lot of varing android devices of varing hardware specifications so the IPACS team can also take me as a tester and I also have a quite good knowledge of all bug softwares. Hence we both can contribute to the team for bringing Aerofly FS 2019 to Android devices.