How to turn autopilot on/off in F-15, F-18 and Aermacchi?

  • Hi. I am using mobile version of FS2019 and have question about using of autopilot (not copilot). In some planes like Cessna, Boeings or Baron, there is cockpit button alowing to turn autopilot on or off. But if I am correct in some other planes there is not such clickable button. In F-15 and F-18 I can simply turn on some of autopilot modes, like heading, altitude or attitude hold, but how can I turn it off to controll the plane manualny. In PC or Mac versions I can assign joystick or keyboard key to that function, but how to do that in mobile version. In Aermacchi I can not even turn autopilot on and have to fly all the route manually or use a copilot, what is totally unrealistic. So what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance.

  • In the real world there is a pedal switch on the stick that can be depressed to kick out the autopilot. In the F18 this switch is actually simulated but not yet in the F15 as far as I know. But you can't really reach the pedal switch from the cockpit view. So yeah we need to work on that, it works on desktop where you can assign the button or just deflect the controls but not on mobile.

    The MB339 autopilot does not work because the real MB339 actually doesn't have an autopilot. It only has a flight director and therefor there is no autopilot master button that you could press. And on top of that it also doesn't have a flight director on/off button, only the mode selection buttons, which currently don't turn on the flight director. Another thing we need to work on, it works on desktop because there you have the key assignments.