Copilot System Working Incorrectly in the New Update

  • After the new update, I've noticed that the Copilot system isn't working as it used to prior to the cockpit interface update.

    Specifically, I'm saying that it can no longer auto-land and auto navigate a route with the "route" button (the 3 dots).

    The plane will just go full 100% throttle and fly up on auto-land.

    The auto navigate for a set route won't navigate its set cruising level as well. I'll leave for 30 minutes and let the plane fly, and I come back to it at 47,000 feet when it should be set a 32,000.

    I can't even set my own flight speed while using copilot without the route navigation. If I hit the "increase" speed button it'll automatically set it to 100% throttle and ignore my set speed.

    Please fix this, this is one of the major things I enjoy in FS 2019.

    Other than that, great update, keep up the amazing work for having the best flight simulator on a mobile device.

  • I’ve noticed it on the airbuses but haven’t paid enough attention to Boeing aircraft because I like the a320 because it is similar in size to 737 and the a320 has a glass cockpit were as the 737 doesn’t, if the 737 was a NG or a MAX variant then I would fly it a lot more,but I’ve been have the same issues which copilot and the auto land feature in Dash-8 puts you into a nose dive into the ground.