Hinge and axis locations

  • Hi Jan

    Some advice needed on hinge/axis setup.

    The Lynx tail rotor has a flapping hinge and pitch rotation as shown in the screen shot. We also have the pitch change rods and the pitch change mechanism. Where do we put the hinge axis for these. Also

    Does any of these get carried over when the whole lot is rotating or is it only for static animation

    Thanks Steve

  • Hi Steve,

    I'm not entirely sure what the question is. Each part that rotates differently needs to be a separate geometry, so you have your hub geometry that spins with the rotor axis, attached to that you have your pitch change blade holder (rotating about the flapping hinge) and you have your rotor blades that change their pitch, each a separate geometry, too. On top of that you would have each pitch change rod separate and the pitch change mechanism separate as well.

  • Greetings Master Obi Jan

    Thanks for the explanation. I guess my post was more confirmation as how to arrange the axis as we don't have a heli tmd I can work from. Flapping hinge properties ? is this a heli tmd feature or or just the usual hinged body

    The main rotor should be easier as we don't have any flapping hinge to worry about as that is achieved by the flex in the titanium hub. I guess we could include wing flex but that might be over complicating things