DLL builder's request for help

  • Dear Friends,

    you might remember me on my epic quest to bring you the Aerofly Wettergerät DLL - the very DLL which would someday bring you live weather right into Aerofly FS 2, without you having to do anything but tune your plane's radio to the right frequency. Well, at this moment the project has stalled, because I am stuck in the underwood.

    My current task is to find the list of messages understood by AFS2. There is a very long list already contained in the sample DLL provided by the Aerofly SDK - but most of the symbols I require for the venture mentioned above is somewhat hidden from me. As of now I have been unsuccessful in guessing the message names, as well as being unsuccessful in coming up with a clever mechanism to find them. So here is my request:

    1. I need a list of all message names regarding weather and time, as well as the frequencies tuned into the plane's radio (like seen in https://github.com/fboes/aerofly-…le.cpp#L78-L267).
    2. It would also be helpful to know the message value's type and range (knowing that degrees are floating point number, limited to 359.9999 makes quite a difference from degrees being an integer number limited to 360).
    3. If 1) and 2) is too much to ask, I am also very grateful for a mechanism to discover the message names by myself. My net-fishing attempts thus far have failed.

    I am very grateful for any help. Your names will be stencilled into the Wettergerät's boilerplate. ;)

    BTW: I am also missing the radio frequencies, as "Navigation.COM1Frequency" does not show any results. I can see messages passing by containing the frequencies, but still do not know the names of the messages. :|