Finally, we can fly the powerful Mustang P-51

  • On several occasions, I tried to fly this plane, but always and in full flight, the wings (the two wings) came off. When yesterday I saw that it had been updated, I quickly loaded it and thought that since this deficiency was considerable, it would be opened up.

    In effect, we start at full power ... its sound is really impressive, indicative of power, of power, in addition, that sound is very characteristic; it is a superb spectacle to observe that powerful engine with that unique sound, it constitutes an emotional pleasure, to observe sound and a powerful response in the acceleration of the airplane.

    There is still a need to correct the instrument panel, but we can fly with the "digital panel" at the top of the monitor.

    Congratulations and many thanks, Krzysztof. This plane is a great acquisition for the FS 2 squad. I am grateful once more for this effort and this contribution to the Aerofly community.

    Kind regards: Delfin