Hello Houston, the Turkey has landed

  • You will need to have the official IPACS South Florida scenery DLC pack installed to use this new and innovative free scenery pack. We are working on a new method of show and tell that uses the R-22 or VSA (very slow aircraft) to fly a prescribed tour path to view identified POI scenes. Until then we offer a lengthy pdf file with some screenshots. Give the boys some time to get the link working for your download over at our friend Higgy's generous download site. https://flight-sim.org/index.php?welcome-en/

    We are wrapping up an intensive month of day and night work by the A-Team to add the Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station and the Bayfront Marina and Park. Both sceneries are combined as one download and easy install. Full details are included in a readme file.

    The Nuclear Power Plant is almost total custom graphics that are so good even the NRC will think it is real and probably show up for a surprise inspection. It does indeed glow in the dark though. The extensive parking lots are full of eye popping 3D automobiles, built by Rodeo, all hand placed - 800+ at last count by Tom. The cross country High Voltage Pylons cuts a path to Miami and gives the VFR pilots a path straight up the coast to follow.

    The Marina is something totally new to AFS2 - 3D boats, sailboats, yachts, cruisers, trucks and trailers for boats, automobiles, pickups, and such fill the parking lots and launching ramps. We even have a new type helipad for the high rollers.

    The park has a manmade swimming area with animated manatees among the kids and ladies. A sand beach with chairs and umbrellas, a restaurant, helipad, and a few of Jake's Easter Eggs are included.

    The good news is that all these goodies are sitting on USGS Ortho files so they are shareable.

    To make it easy on the eyes, I am only including a few screenshots. You can read the attach pdf file for more details.


    the A-Team

    Turkey Point promo1.pdf

    I hear the images are not showing up. hmmm. I am going to post them here and see if they appear.

    I just made a night flight flyby to see if the plant was operating. Looks like Tom and Jake did their normal outstanding job with the night lighting. Your opinion? Those really bright lights on the horizon is Greater Miami. I see Ken's tall towers are lit.


    Here you can see the marina and park. The swimming hole with the animated manatees stands out. The power plant is directly behind the plane. You get a good view of the large high voltage pylons.

    I just love flying over the marina and seeing boats rather than blurs. Checkout the new repaint. Just arrived from Savannah.

  • Hopefully, the download will be available later today. We decided at the last minute to include a private airport on the grounds. We are in the final stages of adding a parking lot with 3D cars, signs, flags, static aircraft and fuel facilities.

    This airport will be the first turf (grass) airport with crossing runways with night lighting in AFS2. It will be worth the wait. Those taildraggers will love it.



  • All, I know is the team will never finish the project if we don't just draw a line in the sand or say the bus is leaving at a certain time and date and if the upload is not onboard there will be a lot of disappointed flight simmers this weekend.

    I am the biggest problem - I keep asking for more and more and a one more small item that take 3 guys two day and a night to do.

    But, just wait 'til you see the big red self-illuminating balls, marking the danger for night landings, at Tomtom Airpark. Not only that but you can choose your personal preference for runway lighting on the individual runways. Someday you can just click a certain frequency to turn on the lights, but for now, you change one word in the tsc file.

    We had a some tall palm trees that just didn't seem to belong to anyone that kept interfering with our planned runway alignment. Either the toc file was encrypted or they were just wild trees. After Rodeo worked day and night to get the runways completed, 3 trees remained. A rental chainsaw on a dark night took care of all of them, Shhhh, what was that noise? Sounded like a snow mobile. In Florida? huh.

    Oh, did I mention that Tomtom Airpark is the first airport in AFS2 with crossing turf runways. Taildraggers delight, small twin invited. Watch for those tall trees and power lines. Fuel and tie downs available. Open 24 hours.

    A flying Tour of the project is coming together nicely. We added a couple of zingers overnight for those eagle-eyed chopper pilots. One is a couple of fighting gators in the cooling canals. (hint - fly at night and look for the glowing eyes, don't tell Tom I told you)

    There are so many firsts, or never done before, features in this project that it will take weeks and weeks to discover many of them so no spoilers mentioned here today.

    It is amazing though what can be accomplished by a small unbridled bunch of super-talented people, that have never met each other face-to-face, when no one really cares who gets the credit.



  • What more can be said! After having already discovered the pictures,8| :love:It's really huge as a GIFT offered by this talented team!;)



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  • The release clock is set for 30 min and ticking. Some last minute jitters, but, you can start checking in at the download site 30 minutes from now. It is supper time for some and lunch time for others so hang in there just a few more minutes.


    OK, tomorrow has arrived. The download is active - go get it. You might wish to read this abbreviated intro:


    Addition for the IPACS Florida DLC by TomSimMuc, ZoSoChile, ussiowa, Rodeo, Kenventions and Jetjockey10, in May 2019


    1. In case you installed the IPACS Florida you have to rename one interfering tile
      C:\Users\\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\n …\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\scenery\places\usa\fl\cultivation\fl_46c0_92c0_01.toc to fl_46c0_92c0_01.off

      It is recommended to opt out from the beta channel if not urgently needed. This will prevent a non intended replacement of the suppressed tile.

    2. Unzip the downloaded file and only copy the contained addons folder to C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\ The folder name “Documents” will appear localized to the installed language. This will install the new scenery into the addon folder. Also orthos (ground pictures) and the houses, which have been suppressed by renaming the toc file will be installed.

    There is a tour guide in the folder, which will help you to find the most important hotspots of the scenery!

    When flying in the South Florida DLC in the Miami area you may have noticed the rather large bright green area that looks a lot like some crop being cultivated. These green fields are, in fact, a series of interconnected water cooling canals for the nearby nuclear power plant at the edge of Biscayne Bay.

    Rather than use the standard short, large diameter cooling towers that you often see associated with a nuclear power generating station, Florida Power and Light chose to use these 10 square miles of connected canals to cool the hot water from the steam generating units.

    The canal area is five miles long and 2 miles wide and is also the protected home for a large and growing family of American Crocodiles. This is 6,000 acres of circulating cooling water that is returned for reuse at the proper temperature.

    The power generating station site sits on 3,300 acres of what is typically called wasteland. Built in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Turkey Point houses 3 active units - two 802 MW Westinghouse pressurized- water nuclear reactors and one 1,150 MW combined-cycle gas-fired unit.

    Turkey Point serves the entire southern portion of Florida. With a combined operational capacity of 2,754 MW, the site is the third largest generating station in Florida and the sixth largest power plant in the United States. Turkey Point is the only Nuclear Generating Station in the state of Florida.

    A few miles up the coast you will find another basically overlooked park and marina area. Some basic research revealed this is the Dade County Bayfront Park and Marina that has been in continuous operation for the last 80 years.

  • Jetjockey10

    Changed the title of the thread from “Coming tomorrow - Eye Popping user provided scenery for So. Florida” to “Hello Houston, the Turkey has landed”.
  • Great job !!! :thumbup:Hats off to the whole team, and BIG THANK YOU to ,

    TomSimMuc, ZoSoChile, ussiowa, Rodeo, Kenventions, and Jetjockey10 ;)

    This scene is simply a masterpiece !!!

    Panoramic view8o8)

    What a discovery, you do not know anymore or turn your head '' It's incredible '' 8|:love::P

    Everything is there !!! And even the manatees are in the game!8):thumbup:

    And the Grail :):thumbup::love:

    Congratulations and a thousand times thank you!;)





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  • My terrain image looks much lower resolution that your screenshots.

    I followed the installation instructions, renaming that one Florida tile and copying the addons folder. The new locations appeared along with the models, so I think I did the correct thing. Just not sure if the imagery is loading correctly. The only difference I see is that the imagery tile to rename was in C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\scenery\places\usa\fl\cultivation.

  • GregDude,

    Yes the tile to rename is located as you stated. The upgraded USGS images should have loaded in your personal Addons folder. I think there are 20 ttc files in the Images\US_FL_Turkey folder. You can check there.

    We may have some extra area from Bing or Google on our personal copy that we are not allowed to distribute freely. Maybe you can post a screenshot of the area you think is not loaded correctly.



  • It sure does. Can you check your scenery\images folder and see if the 20 ttc files are installed? Check the path shown at the top of the image below.

    Yep, all there under

    C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons\scenery\USA_Florida_Turkey_Point\images\US_FL_Turkey

    20 files, ~2.5mb

    The 'places' files are definitely being found because all the new runways and helipads are on the map and models are visible in flight.

    Also double checked the cultivation file fl_46c0_92c0_01 was renamed in its Steam location.